Hello and warm greetings from Judi

Hi Everyone,

I am new to this group, having only joined yesterday. I also feel very new to the idea of having aneurysms. I had two coilings in late July. I've never had a headache in my life until the evening of July 28th when I was outside and the world started spinning around me. The headache set in though the spinning stopped almost immediately. As it turned out, I didn't go to the ER until the next morning when the headache persisted along with neck pain. Though I had no other neurological signs and the original CAT scan was negative, the ER folks did a spinal tap and found blood so they transferred me to one of the best hospitals here in Boston. I feel so fortunate to have had a wonderful skilled neurosurgeon who coiled the aneurysm that had "popped" (not much bleeding) and two days later, partially coiled an aneurysm located by the basilar artery. Both are on the left side of my brain. I also have a small aneurysm that is being watched, located on the right side of my brain.

On the whole, I am adjusting to my "new normal" and so grateful to be able to get back to my life in nearly all respects. Still and all, I have my challenges. The biggest challenge for me is the uncertainty in regard to the partial coiling by the basilar artery. This aneurysm had no bleeding, but the location, near the basilar artery, was risky to occlude completely at the time. My follow-up MRI contrast study that I had about a month ago showed that all is as good as it gets for now. I'll go back in December for another, then an angiography in March for a more in-depth look. The aneurysm may need further intervention. It's a "wait and see and closely monitor" situation. How hard to wonder if I'll be OK.

Of less concern, but yet another adjustment, is that I tire more easily. I'm naturally an energetic person who can move through the day doing a great deal. So this tiredness is unfamiliar and bothersome. Also, I still gets headaches which go away when I take Extra Strength Tylenol. I'm glad about that, but hate to take any medication so that is another adjustment. I try to limit the amount I take. My hearing is slightly impaired, either I don't hear softer voices very well or loud noises are magnified. I am told this will eventually resolve. Another "new normal" that has been hard is that living with my aneurysms is a worry for my children, my family and all my loved ones. I especially feel badly that my children have this to worry about. Whenever someone doesn't reach me right away, they think the worst. Sometimes I miss having more space...when I didn't feel pulled to get back to folks right away, but take my time!

All this pales in comparison to how bad it could have been for me!

Of course, I don't want to spend my life here and now in worry so I try to not dwell. Instead, I try to count my blessings and appreciate all the richness in my life as much as possible.

Thanks for "listening".


Hi Judi and Again Welcome to BAF...Thank you for truly sharing your story...You really are still early in the Healing Journey...and it takes time and rest for the brain to heal...and/or to know what your permanent "new normal" will be for you...like you I never had the headache till the bad one...and after the coils...I went through about 3 months of horrible migraines...almost 3 years later...I am down to about 2 bad ones a month...that last about 2 days...so I am hoping this happens for you...Since I too have the Basilar artery tip aneurysm coiled...I relate to you and it still not being occluded...Wishing you a beautiful day ~ Colleen

Hi Judi! Welcome! I am new here too and was diagnosed with 2 mm aneurysm last Thursday. We're just keeping an eye on mine for right now. I'm just thankful we found it, albeit indirectly, but it was discovered.

Hugs to you


Hi Judi,

Just read your lovely story,I also am new I joined last Sunday when I found the site.after reading your story a lot has happened to you in a short time.but u know u seem really strong person.I just know how u feel when u said about your family and having the worry of these Annie's.

I just feel exactly the same having to put them through at worry also.I was diagnosed in May,had a CT scan in April then a MRI in May . Mine is 11mm I am still waiting to go in when I went to see the surgeon he said he would have liked to get me in by the end of July but still waiting, the hospital I am going to is 3 hrs away so the waiting is not good.

I like u am a active person I can't sit still for a minute 'l am always doing something and I like to be out doing my gardening,but that has come to a stand still.

I can't believe you have 3,thank god you got to hospital in time bless you it must have been awful. I know what you meant when you said when u go out before all this happened and just saying see you when I get back.How things change,everybody wants to know were you are now and what time you will be back and don't do this and don't do that.It's because we are loved and I suppose we would be saying the same if it was one of our family.

I had one of my granddaughters stay with us is weekend she will be 5 in Dec but she was a tonic.

Keep strong and hope to speak again soon its bedtime here in Ireland so goodnite Judi god bless