I'm having an angiogram this Wednesday. I dont really know to much about them and just need some information about the procedure and if it hurts during and after. Thanks

Jim said it perfect! I was really nervous to get my first Angiogram done, too, for my sixth month after appointment. It wasn't bad, really! I think it's mostly the nerves that get you since you want everything to come out okay. Plus, laying there knowing what they are doing isn't too fun! I prayed the entire time and God got me through, yet again. The only REAL thing that was upsetting to me is that I couldn't pick up my baby for five days after. That was heart breaking! Good luck on Wednesday, Patti! I will pray for you!

Hi Patti, the nerves really are the worst part. They gave me enough meds each time so that I was really relaxed. You will be fine and it is such a relief when it is behind you. I have had so many over the last few years. Honestly I don’t even have any scars at my groin where they went in each time. The worst part for me was the needle for the IV. I am seriously the biggest sissy ever. Good luck and drop us a note when you can. Take care, Shelly

Hi Patty, do not warry.
I already have 6 angio, it’s a quick procedure, no pain at all.
Good luck for the outcome, and take care of you.

Hi Patti...I have had 2 I was I was totally out of it...the 2nd angiogram they gave me something to keep me in twighlight...the anticipation was worse then the procedure...Jim goes through that well...

I will tell may have a sore groin for a couple of weeks...

Good Luck and keep us posted...I will keep you in my prayers...Colleen

I've seen a lot of posts regarding angiograms. Why are they being done? My aneurysm ruptured in September 2011. The only thing my neurosurgon has asked for was a CT scan at my last visit & I'll have another one before my checkup in July.


What is the difference between an angiogram and a CT angiogram? Isn't it the same?

I have a good friend who also had a brain aneurysm rupture two years ago. She has a different doctor and was at a different hospital as I and her doctor prefers CT scans with contrast for a check-up. My doctor and hospital prefer the angiogram. They say that it gives them a much better look into the coiled aneurysm. I guess it depends on the doctor.

a ct one is with an IV this one is through the artery in your groin…doesnt sound pleasent

My drs doing it see see better shape and accurate size of my aneurysm

I accidently relied under lauras post