Angiogram On June 20


I am going in for my first angiogram on Friday. Pray please.

thank you

You got it Margie...Prayers, Thoughts and Positive vibes are coming your way...~ Colleen

Good luck! im a heepin mess about mine! mine is on june 24th and its my 1st and I am so nervouse.

Margie, Prayers, thoughts and love are being sent now. Please keep us posted as to how things go on Friday. Also, let us know if you have any questions.

God Bless,

~ Carol

Yes, you GOT this Margie and will be Praying for YOU to have Peace & Comfort thru this as well as uplifting and positive results!!!

You got it! You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Wishing extreme calmness to come your way.

Anxiously awaiting news as to how the angio went. I hope you liked Dr. Kott. Please know that we have all been there too and are here to help in anyway we can. God bless, Debbie

How did things go? In my thoughts ~ Colleen