Angio tomorrow

Hi all , just venting a bit.

Got my first angio tomorrow and I am absolutely terrified.

I have read up a lot on it and I know the risks are small but I cannot seem to stop focussing on the bad. I am soooo scared that I will never get to see my son grow up. I keep asking myself who will look after him? will he remember me? I'm crying typing this!

I cannot seem to snap myself out of it! I know it serves no useful purpose to get this upset and I know the risks are minimal but I can't help it!

God knows what I'll be like when i have the actual surgery!

Anyway, thanks for listening xx

Awww Kerry Honey,

I don't know what to say to take away your fears, but I've had 2 angios and am going for my 3rd in December.

All you can do is pray to your higher power and ask for the strength to get through this. I know it's hard to hear the words, but please try to calm yourself. If it takes you posting 3,000 time to vent how you feel and it makes you feel better, then dammit do it!!!! Everyone here has been through it and knows what you're feeling right now.

My thoughts and prayers are with you, you'll do just fine and we'll all be waiting to hear from you.

Best wishes and calming thoughts to you,


Thank you so much for your kind words, it really helps just having people who understand to listen. My family don't so it truly helps xx

You are so very welcome and hugs to you, you'll do just fine tomorrow

I know it SUCKS.... And is very scary... I've had 2 now and they went just fine... So did the surgery.. :)

Hang in there, you"ll be on the other side of this in no time..


Dear Kerry...

You have my prayers...!

And I found that the anticipation was so much worse then the actual procedure...

Try and get rest...and this time will be over...

Cyber~prayers your way...Colleen

Hi Kerry,

I have so been in your shoes, wondering what would become of my daughter if she had to lose her mommy, but then the knoweldge that the things that we are scared to do are the things that are going to help us stick around so that our little ones may keep us around longer helps to tame my fears . . try to think of it as one step closer to putting things right.

thoughts and prayers are with you

Best Wishes


thank you all for being such wonderful people and taking the time to reassure me! xx

We’ve all been there… And we are still here…

I just had my first one yesterday. Afterward, I wondered why I was so scared beforehand. Everyone was amazing - I went in at 8 and left the hospital at 4. My leg (or groin area) is sore and I have to baby it for five days to prevent bleeding. I am extremely tired - cannot stay up for more than a couple of hours, but other than that, no headaches, etc.

I didn't post anything for the past week because I felt that I had nothing to contribute since I had not gone through any procedure yet (unruptured annie) other than the MRA.

The angio was much easier than I thought. Good luck, I hope yours turns out like mine!

Hi Kerry. I have had about a half dozen that I can remember. I am always so scared that I make myself sick. I bet I am in the bathroom every 5 minutes while waiting to go in. My poor husband is always so patient with me. I love the feeling after it is so awesome to have it behind you. That is what I learned to focus on to get through the anticipation. I wish I could help minimize your fear but I know from experience I can not. Try to relax as much as possible and let the nurses and doctor know how nervous you are, they will help you through it. You will be ok and it will be over soon. Hang in there and check in with us when you can and let us know how you did.

Kerry, I understand how you are feeling. I have had 4 angiograms. Each time I had one I was given a dose of a anxiety med. I dont remember the process. I remember them waking me up every few minutes telling me to take a deep breathe, let it out then Id fall right back into sleep. The entire situation sucks , I know but when you get dow look into your childs eyes, feel the love and replace the scared feeling with the love of your child.

Praying for you today sweetie…! Healing thoughts Colleen

Hi kerry I have had 5 Angio…do not warry.
Take care

Hi, Kerry. Just wondering how your angio went. Let us know how you are.


Hi Sherri,

Well I have to say it was much worse than I expected! lol

I was told by my consultant and at my pre-admission appointment that I would be sedated. Because of that I had psyched myself up that I would be ok as though I would be awake I wouldn't be quite 'all there'. BIG mistake. Got taken in and prepped and I asked when I was getting my sedation to be told I wasn't getting any. This was my first episode of bursting into tears!

It then took her 20 minutes to actually locate my artery. This was fine as it was only her hands poking and prodding me. Then though she tried to do it with the needle thing. It took her fifteen, fifteen!, attempts to get the needle thing in but whilst doing it she somehow managed to hit an area that wasn't under local aneasthetic. Jeez I have never felt such pain in all my life, nearly had to scrape me off the ceiling. I swear to god I was sobbing on the table and wasn't sure if I could go through with it.

Once it was in it was fine. Even the really strong dye, which did hurt, was ok but I will never have another angio I have to say. I feel totally traumatised by it all!

I don't know what the results are as they have to go to my consultant but she did say she hadn't spotted any others just the one I know about which is good news.

At least for the next one Ill be fast asleep!

Thank you all for being such a kind and caring bunch of people, really. xxxx

Holy crap… that is crazy… Your one brave woman, I would have been screaming my head off…

Good morning Kerry, Im sorry yours went so bad, I had five, 2 before surgery then 3 after. The first one was very scary, they gave me medication to calm me down, did not work well. But then when they did the others I was a little less scared. And on the final one, I was brave enough to watch the screen. How amazing is it to see in side your head. I saw the clip and the one they are leaving alone which scares me to death that I have another and some day might have to do this all again. June 9 will be 3yrs. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Did they set the surgery date?

Wow - I don't think I would go back to that center for the angio. It sounds as if your tech didn't know what she was doing.

Was your neurosurgeon there at the angio? Mine was. The tech who helped with mine was superb. The only thing I felt was the original shot to deaden. He got into the artery on the first time. I definitely would complain if I were you. It does sound awful - I'm so sorry you had to go through such a bad and painful experience. Like Princess Warrior said "Holy crap!".

When do you go back to your neurosurgeon?

Hi Sweetie...shouldn't have been like that at all...something is wrong, I suggest in the future ... any angio's you donot have this person and you ask for something to help you relax prior to procedure...

I am so isn't and shouldn't be like this one bit...Cyber~hugs Colleen