Can anyone tell me what to really expect when I have an angiogram?

I had one and they went in thru my leg artery, one doctor was driving and the other was guiding on the TV screen. They had big cameras around my head and big vidio screens, they would get to the right spot and close my eyes and squirt dye. It felt like hot fudge in my brain, and then cameras went off and it was like laying on your back and looking up at fireworks twinkling down, and just when they got to my face they disappeared. Kinda like Star Wars.They cruised around my brain and did it about 12 times, sometimes the colors were different.That was at the Cleveland Clinic. They found three collasped coils and wanted to repack my brain but, I didn’t let them. That was two yrs ago and they just started calling me again. They won’t give me an MRI cus I might have steel in my eye from long ago. The main thing is to just be calm and TRUST them…and keep an open mind ha, and don’t be scared…Hope I helped…I have to go back in too…JC

I’ve read that they strap you head to the table so it won’t move…that’s kinda freakin’ me out! Were you able to return to work the next day? I’ve also read about the incision being an issue…no lifting, or “flexing” in the hip area…doesn’t walking flex the hip area? Are you awake for the whole procedure? That’s kinda frightening. I just am trying to be the best prepared for what’s going to happen. Thanks for replying. It really helps. By the way, I used to live in Cleveland for awhile. I know the Cleveland Clinic is well renowned. I’m in St. Louis now, and will be going to Barnes-Jewish for treatment.

Yea, I think I was strapped down, it was a Friday so I didn’t have to work the next day. I had my son with me and we had all the nurses laughing. They asked my son what kind of music I like and he told them Heavy Rap or Headbanging music. HAHA. They play whatever kind of music you like. Also, when the nurse shaved my right groin area I asked him to shave the other side too so, I matched. Told him I had a photo shoot for GQ Magazine. You’ll be awake but, they wouldn’t let me watch on the TV screen, I asked them to stitch the artery plug in this time cus, I blew out the plug from coughing after my second surgery three yrs ago and almost bled out. But, you’ll be able to walk okay. ,.So, afterward they put me in a nice room, I had a Big lunch. JR. dropped the top on the Mustang and we cruised the Metropark and then we stopped at a local pub and had a beer. You’ll be okay, just stay relaxed and think about beautiful things

had mine at baylor of dallas they will give you a valium before the procedure so you wont be so nervous took about 45 min and then recovery about an hour ,,to make sure the incision in your groin doesnt didnt have a plug they just applied pressure and a butterfly bandage to keep it sealed up..felt real warm when they put the dye in and no pain at was a simple procedure and was just great afterwards

Thanks! That makes me feel a little better. I can’t believe you had to do it more than once! How’d the GQ shoot go? LOL

I can’t believe you were only in recovery for an hour…they told me 6-8 hrs laying still. I wonder why some get a “plug” and some just get stitched…hmmm. Sounds like your went smoothly…I’ll hope for that!

I’m supposed to have one every six months but, I’m a year overdue…i know what there’re going to find…The GQ people never showed…lied to again…Getting off work now and we have a big Lake Erie Blizzard blowin in…bye

I was scheduled for one today and the doc said I would be sedated (like during colonoscopy). He said I wouldn’t feel or remember anything. Good for me! I have 2 unruptured brain annie’s just found only 3mm each 1 on each side of the brain. But what they’re testing further for is a dissected carotoid artery. Everyone says no worries about the 2 annie’s, they’re no big deal. Like everyone is walking around with them. I guess this is to make me feel better but it doesn’t. I’m not worried about them so much because the doc isn’t but to have everyone tell me it’s no big deal seems odd to me.

How did it go? If they sedate you like for a colonoscopy that will be great! I know I didn’t remember a thing when I had that done. My annie is supposedly just about 4mm on my left ophthalmic artery, and the dr. says that’s small, too. So, they may decide to do nothing, and I’m not sure how I feel about that…kinda like a walking time bomb, I think…hope all goes well for you.

Hi John

are you supposed to have femoral angio every 6 mos? Or on to MRA/I's? I have gotten two different opinions re follow ups - one recommending more angios than the other (tho both recommend it at 6mos).



and loved the humor!!!

Sue -

when is your angio scheduled?

I talked to the Clinic today and maybe, I’ll get an MRI next time. I have three collasped coils and they want to put some more in. { I have good insurance } So, I don’t know what to do, one little screw-up and I could be vegetative. I couldn’t get MRI’s before but, the eye doctors cleared me of foreign objects in my eye…steel…I don’t know what to do. How’s L.A.? We have about a foot of snow and its still comming down.

It was today. All went well. Just got home. They found 3 annies. 2 are only 1 mm, one is prox 3mm, have to see neuroradiologist in a couple weeks to discuss plans. All in all, I feel really lucky.

Thats good

That’s really good. How was the procedure for you? Sounds like you did great. Do you think they’ll treat at least the 3mm one? Congrats on getting it over with!

Oh....LA was nice today....sorry to say as you sit in snow!

3 collapsed coils in one aneurysm, or 3 aneurysms w collapsed coils? And what do you little screw up and you could be vegetative - you mean from coiling? It's really thought to be very safe (not to say that I wasn't and aren't terrified myself!)

The procedure was sooo much easier than I anticipated. The drs and nurses were fantastic. I felt very comfortable from the time I got there to the time I left. The angio took about 2 - 2 1/1 hours, then I was in recovery for two hours (they put a plug in, so I didn’t have to stay for 6 hours). The pain was minimal (so far). I had a bad headache when I woke up this morning, but they gave me medication for it before the procedure and it went away. I’m very relieved it’s over, but now I need to see what they want to do, which may be nothing.

I’m glad everything went well…and you were worried…ha, piece of cake

Yay! I’ll come looking for you to support me when my 6mos angio is due!