Angio Results...... Wooooop Woooop!

Had my first angio yesterday and Yaaaaaaay its all looking great, infact i'd go as far to say fanbloodytastic.

The coiled one has completely sealed, blocked, gone, okay so not as in puffffftt dissapeared with the faries but it is no longer an issue, or a blob of white on the ol brain x-ray.

The 2nd is more or less the same size but due to new technology has now been seen in 3D so although is now classed as 4.5 mm opposed to 4mm that could have been the case all along, just now have a better view on the bugger. They now know it has a very wide neck, not a candidate for coiling but a stent can be used if need be in the future. But to date is stable.

The procedure itself was fine, had a little somthing to relax me but was very consious throughout and won't hesitate to hop onto the bed next time, a little warm sensation here and there when the dye was administered but nothing more, perhaps the fact that my surgeon described every sensentsation i was to feel as it was happening so it was almost a comfort to feel what was expected, Did see a few sparks at the very end but figure he'd saved the best till last, either that or I really am a bit of a nut job tee hee.

Most peeps say the worst of the whole procedure is the lying flat for 5 hours afterwards, I disagree I found having to choose from an a la carte menu thrust into my hungry hands with the knowledge that I would be eating said given choice whilst flat on my back really was just the worst part. Funny how soups are more appealing when you are feeling sorry for yourself and a boring turkey sandwich makes more sense.

I even managed to catch up with my book and had me a little nap whilst waiting to go home, think that may have been the headhurty pill I was prescribed but not sure if I needed for after the procedure.

Well woke up this morning and feel great, no headhurty and just removed my dressing from my groin and i'll be buggered if I can find the puncture, there is no bruising, swelling or sign of entry....... STRANGE but true.....

So on that note I shall go put my feet up and rest....and pray this was not all a wee halloween prank and I shall soon be bitten on my butt again for bragging yet again how lucky and blessed i feel TODAY.....

Hope all you guys are well and happy and Thanks for the replys

Best Wishes as always


Awesome news Gaynor! I go in for my first Angio this Friday, 2 days from now. I am a bit nervous but your post helped me quite a bit. I called my doc's nurse and asked if I was able to get something to 'relax' me, and she said yes. *whew*.

I am praying my coiled annie is completely blocked as well, and that my 2mm annie on the other side has disappeared (wouldn't that be a blessing) or if it's still there, has not grown any either.

Hugs headed your go girl. :)


Hi Gaynor, weeèeeeeeeel doòooooooooone !!! I’m really happy for this news.
I’m sure for Carrie will be’ the same.
Take care, giovanni

Yay!! So happy to hear that!!


Good News Gaynor...!

Love and Hugs Colleen


All I can say is woooooppppp wooooopppp you go girl!!!!



HI Carrie

for some reason cannot reply to your post directly on yours. Have been thinking of you and sending hugs and prayers that you too get the great results you deserve for todays angio

Best Wishes


Thanks Giovanni,
Nice to see a face to go with the name :slight_smile:

best Wishes

Thanks Karen
Best Wishes

Thank you Peeppette,

Shall def chat soon re your new surroundings.

Mwaaaaaaa x

Thanks Linda,
Hope you a feeling bettered up x

Best Wishes

Still the weather...and the surroundings...but glad to be back with hubs...

Happy Saturday dear Lady...! Colleen


Oh, Gaynor, I am so happy for you. Like everyone says, the anticipation is worse than the angio. So glad you found a doc that you apparently feel comfortable with and finally scheduled the test.


YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just like my 6mos follow up --- all GONE! Isn't that the best feeling in the world?!?! When do you next get checked? Mine is a year from that 6mos angio (which was 6mos 6mos fromnow).

I'm so happy for you - I just knew it would be good news!


Whoop whoop, I had a similar result last week so know how you feel, continued blessing to you sweetheart, hope you keep well, Jill xxxxxxxx