Runs in the Family

It's a nerve racking day today..My oldest daughter who lives 5000 miles away from me goes to see a Neuro surgeon today. She had an MRI because my mom, sister and myself were blessed with aneurysms. Her family doctor said that her MRI results show something but they do not think it's an aneurysm and it maybe nothing at all but just because of family history they want an neuro to check it out. She has an appt today at 4:30pm her time which will be 10:30pm my time. My youngest daughter went this morning and had an MRI. They were going to do it with contrast but from what she said the radiologist happen to walk in during the first set of pics and said that they would not have to do it with contrast and that they did not need any more pics..I am taking this as a good sign..


Hi kimberly -

Yes, the thought of it touching our kids is the worst thing. I have 3 kids - my oldest is 13 but was diagnosed at age 3 as having "icepick" migraines probably since infancy. They don't debilitate her - they come and leave really quickly. But since my diagnosis, and my dad had a rupture, I'm SO worried that my kids may be also affected eventually, but at 13 they won't even test my daughter, which I think is ridiculous. I may (no, WILL) take her to a pediatric neurologist after the new year, but all my docs have said its HIGHLY unlikely that she has a problem, and that she's too young - they don't test "at risk" kids (kids w family history) until age 18 or 20. Of course this is an insurance issue, but I really do want her tested. I have heard those horror stories of teens dying from undiagnosed aneurysms. I hope that your daughter is okay - I'd try to be encouraged that the doc doesn't think its anything. You know how it is , when they look at anybody hard enough there are often findings but they usually aren't anything. Even w strong family history, the odds are WAY in favor of the kids not having the problem.. yes they're more likely than the general population, but still the odds are in their favor. Keep us posted. And I know as a mom, you probably won't be able to relax until you know for sure. And it's hard to live in the land of "at least they can test for it..." when it's your own child.
How are you???


Hi Jennifer,

I'm hanging in here. My youngest daughter will be 20 in 12 days and they were not going to test her until she got a little older but since I was found to have an aneurysm and my mother has them too it was decided that that they would do one now and if all checks out ok then they will test her again around age 30. My oldest daughter is the one that lives in the states and has the appt. with a neuro today. I told her that I could always go with her via telephone. lol

She said that she will be ok and that she is a big girl now. HAHA

I told her that I understand but if she changes her mind I think since I am so far away and I had surgery a month ago that the neuro would probably understand. Anyways she promised to call me after her appt.

Me, I am tired and need for the holidays to be over so that I can rest..hehe...I am looking forward to Christmas morning. It's going to be my first in 28 years that not one of my kids will be here when I wake up. It's another experience and I may or may not be awake at 5am.

How are you and your family doing?



How did the tests go? I have been thinking of you!


hey kimberly,keep us posted and i pray all goes well…keeping yall in my prayers