Aneurysms and Severe Head Aches

Hi! My name is Wilton. My wife discovered this site while researching solutions for my severe headaches. I had a ruptured anny behind my left eye back in 2002. Since surgery I have R. side weakness, communication and comprehension deficits and SEVERE headaches over the surgery sight every single day. If my pain meds ease it, it comes back sometimes within minutes and these start within minutes of waking. The surgeon said I would always have them due to the intrusion through the skull and brain from the surgery. Needless to say my life consist of eat, sleep and TV. That's it. Does anyone else have this same complication and how do you handle it???

I use relaxation techniques, ice packs and I try to get outside a couple of times a day. I think keeping hydrated helps too. I had three B(ig) B(rain) B(usts) in 2006. Have you ever had any type of head trauma before your rupture?

No. I’ve always had high blood pressure though as well as 3 cervical neck surgeries prior to the anny.

hi, i have pain on my eyebrow on the side of the craniotomy and either some feeling is coming back or its gonna be like that, i learned things can grow back, it might take time but nerves can grow back. Check out your meds something might be aggravating it, and i WAS taking ativan for anxiety and thats also used for nerve damage in diabetics but it helped me where the pain in my eyebrow and where the muscle WAS hurt it took it away or you can say loosened up the tight feeling.


Sorry for your plight. Without knowing your medical background or surgical procedure I can only suggest what has worked for my wife whom is similarly situated. Without getting to sophisticated, you may want to try unplugging all electrical devices (microwave, TV, digital cable boxes, computer, printers, ceiling fans, etc.) in your home. Make sure it is your wife who unplugs all the devices because the fields won't trigger a headache in her but it can in you especially if you are in close proximity.

I realize this sounds inpractical but, it is the only way to determine whether these devices are the root cause of your headaches. I know it sounds very strange but these devices are literally the cause of headache pain in patients like you and my wife. It has everything to do with electrical fields emitted by these devices and the metal implanted in your head. For complicated reasons not understood by the medical community, the metal becomes magnetized over time. When this occurs, the metal reacts in a electrical field to produce a secondary field. It is this secondary field that triggers the headache pain. The only way for you to determine if you fall into this select group of patients is to try what I suggested. If you live in a apartment complex or have very, very close neighbors, you won't be able to try this solution simply because their electrical devices can also contribute to the electrical fields posssibly affecting you and you can't turn off their electricity.

The alternative is to let the headache pain continue and spend $$$$ on medical tests that will keep coming up empty for solutions. We've been down this path for quite a few years now. Good luck and let me know how you find out

Wilton; we all have the same or similar issues; and, all do different sources of treatment, pain meds or whatever is helpful.

Have you tried massage, therapies, adjustments, (i.e activator chiropractic - the soft touch kind) or

yoga or any other ideas?

Many prayers for you to find what may be of help to you.

HI Wilton,

Sorry for what is going on in your life, but welcome and I do hope you are able to find a solution to your headaches. I know when I get headaches sometimes I cannot function!!! I just can't imaging living with that every single day.

Best wishes in your journey,


Hi Wilton, I suffer from chronic daily headache and migraine. I also have a unrelated 5mm aneurysm that I am having clipped on October 11. I know what it is like to suffer with 24/7 headpain so I thought I might share with you what has helped me.

It is important to find a good neurologist who specialises in headaches who can help you with some preventatives rather than pain meds. Often over use of analgesic pain meds causes rebound headaches. The right preventative can reduce your daily pain levels significantly and often give you back some kind of normal life again. I have found amitriptyline and topamax to be very beneficial. I also have botox injections every three months. My pain used to be between 7-9/10 and nowadays it is mostly 2-3/10. Often it is a matter of trial and error to find the right preventative, but low dose TCA's (tricyclic antidepressants) such as amitripyline or nortripyline are often a good place to start and are usually well tolerated. Amitriptyline even helps with a good nights sleep.

Best wishes