What's with the Neck Ache? Do you get them too?

Hi all again. I am post 2 year B Aneurysm that was clipped, situated in the ‘commutative artery’. I have always suffered from daily headaches (cluster and temporal) and also neck ache. The neck ache usually comes first followed by headache. What causes the neck ache? My doctors don’t seem to be able to tell me. I take daily meds (panadol/ + codeine). Also neck/shoulder massage also helps along with acupuncture. Do other survivors suffer daily neck and headaches?

Hi there Gerry
I noticed that your question didn’t get any responses, and then sank to the bottom of the “lastest” news feed, so I thought I’d just raise it to the top again. I’ve also edited the subject line a bit. Let’s see if you get any answers this time.
I hope you’re having a good neck day today. :wink:

I used to suffer from chronic stiff neck and upper back pain. Sometimes, I would have a headache associated with it. Ironically, it was the aneurysm itself which the root cause. After the rupture, the stiff neck went away. Neck and shoulder massages helps as well as acupuncture. I also recommend gentle yoga (restorative) and meditation. Whatever you do, do NOT get a chiropractor neck adjustments. It is dangerous. One week before my rupture in the vertebral artery that harbors the PICA, I received a neck adjustments. I had dizziness and headaches afterwards and a few days later, it ruptured. I have another friend who had a neck adjustment. She had a vertebral dissection which caused a bleed and stroke.

Thank you very much.

I am 2 years post coil and stent and get headaches at least once a week and also pains at the base of my skull / top of my neck.

Is it usual to suffer side effects after surgery if your aneurysm hasn’t haemorrhaged? What sort of treatment/relief is provided for you, TTiger?

I had two stents and coils put in my basilar tip artery seven weeks ago and my neck hurts most of the time. My neurosurgeon said it should not have anything to do with it. I am on Plavix and aspirin. I also have recently began to get really heavy arms that I can’t lift sometimes. Does anyone else experience this?

Mine did rupture and I had it clipped. Daily meds.

Thankyou. The pain in the neck is still there!!!

Mine did rupture. I take daily paracetemol with codein.

My Annie did rupture. I don’t have any treatment for the headaches etc. I try not to rely on pain killers if the headaches are not too bad.