Bad headache for a week

Hello everyone,

I hope someone can help me. I am a survivor for 3 years. I usually have a headache everyday, but not to bad. This past week I have had a really bad headache since Sunday and today is Saturday. I do get migraines, but they usually last for only 2 days. This headache won't go away. I am tired, pain in the back of my neck, and my right arm (shoulder) is sometimes numb. I called by neurologist, but he can't see me until Oct. or Nov. He said to go to the ER if pain is sever. Do I go? Is this normal? Help! I am scared to go through this again. I am still dealing with issues from my first aneurysm.

Yes, Colleen, please get evaluated. Always best to be on the safe side. Please keep us posted on what the ER docs say.

Hi Colleen, better to be safe than sorry. It will be better to go to the ER to get tested and hopefully have your mind put at rest. I am a 45 year survivor of a ruptured aneurysm at age 16, and yes, I do get an awful lot of headaches that do occasionally last for longer than a day, but I wouldn't hesitate to go to the ER if it went on for longer than two days and was really bad with other symptoms. I wish I'd had warning signs before my rupture ( I can only remember a few snatches of the 18 months I was in and out of hospital), but I was really fit and training for a sports career before it, but I had no warning of the impending rupture, but really wish I had so that I could have tried to do something. The headache you have will hopefully prove to be nothing serious (do you have high blood pressure?), but better safe than sorry. Please let us know how you get on. X

Yes. rBetter to be safe than sorry. My doctor has always told me that with severe pain or pain that is unusual or out of pattern, the ER is best to ensure all is okay. Be sure they take It seriously and next time you are in with your neurologist find out what options he/she provides in this situation. Hope you feel better soon.

Have you thought of seeing a Chiropractor? Several years ago I had a miserable headache that wouldn’t go away. Went to my Chiropractor and headache was gone within a few hours.

Hi Colleen,

My advice to you, from experience, is to be evaluated at an ER for your headache. I am a eight year survivor of a ruptured aneurysm. A couple of years ago, I developed a headache. It lasted for five days before I confided in my husband. He was insistent that I go to the ER. They did testing, including a spinal tap, came back in and told me that they had a diagnosis---viral meningitis. The treatment was rest. It took four weeks for me to feel better, but at least I was comforted knowing I did not have another aneurysm. Go to the ER for your own reassurance. Good luck and blessings to you.

As others have said I would get it checked out, but I have sometimes had headaches for days on end (I'm a 26 year survivor, rupture and clipping 1989). Have you changed your pattern in recent days, such as diet, sleep or medications? Could it be a virus perhaps? You are only 3 years out which is early days, I had constant headaches for 4 or 5 years but I have no problems at all, it was just headaches. Still have them sometimes. Have you been taking pain medication? I find a mix of codeine and paracetamol is the only thing that works for me. Good luck and let us know how you are.

I had a leaking cerebral aneurysm clipped 40 years ago with no problems. This year I had an aortic aneurysm repaired and within a month I developed daily headaches. My optometrist suggested that I get my blood pressure checked. Up to this point, my blood pressure had always been low so I didn't believe that could be the problem, but a checkup at doctor's office, it was 206/90. He sent me immediately to emergency dept. Now I take BP medication every day and I haven't had any more headaches. Please check your blood pressure. It is simple to do at pharmacy.

Yes go to the er

Please go to the ER and get checked out. This September 15 will be the 5 th year of my ruptured aneurysm. I also have head aches most every day. But thankfully they don’t tend to linger all day. Every once in awhile I will have a bad one. I know from experience that I can no longer go to the movie theatre because of the constant flashing of lights tend to give me a really bad headache. Not too mention the noise level. Please get checked out. Hope all goes well. Keep us posted!

Have you tried taking Excedrin migraine? It helped me with my headaches when nothing else did. I still get them but not as severe.

Yes- get checked out at ER- I hope you already have done beloved father passed from an aneurysm 3 years ago- no warning signs other than a headache- which he did not get checked out- until to late. This is nothing to mess around with, unfortunately there are many that do not have a chance for surgery or any options. I know I would go in to ER if I had that long of a headache- I wish we had known more about warning signs- I would give anything for that knowledge 3 years ago.....its still very difficult. I wish you the best...peace

Go to ER, it’s better to know and they can help with the pain. Good luck. Eating cold Popsicles help my head.

There are many good suggestions here BUT, your first step is to get checked out professionally. I was always told " a man, don't worry...' so I didn't And that, as it turned out was the worst thing I could have done. If you see changes, if you are not sure, go and get it checked. If the professionals say "all OK" then go looking into alternatives from there. But get it checked.