Aneurysm legacy

I have read a few posts here on ruptured aneurysms, how it happened, what it felt like and the various reactions to it. A friend also passed away from a ruptured aneurysm weeks ago when she felt a really bad headache and didn't go to the ER immediately. I am completely amazed at how some thought it was just something that "will pass", that it was nothing and they'll feel better after a nap, a shower, a mild pain killer, etc. If I did not undergo what I underwent with my aneurysm, and I suddenly had a great big headache, I will react exactly the same way. I wouldn't think "maybe I have an aneuryrsm that burst". Would any of you (who never even knew what an aneurysm is all about) react differently?

This has made me realize another great benefit I have from having had an aneurysm treated (ruptured or not). This made me become more aware of and more knowledgeable about aneurysms, the symptoms of a bleed and what to do and I pass this awareness on to family, friends or anyone who cares to listen to me - that if they are having the "worst headache of their life", DO NOT BRUSH IT OFF. Go to the ER and have it checked. What happened to me and you all here will benefit your family and friends - they have the benefit of hindsight, of aneurysm awareness. A super bad headache will no longer be a simple headache that will go away as usual. A trip to the ER, even if they find nothing wrong, is never wasted.

Thanks for listening to me.

Cris Paco

8.5 mm unruptured aneurysm discovered by accident

treated with PED Jan 11, 2011

Chris and Sue,

Like you, I tell others about the symptoms that I had - headache (like an ax coming down the middle of my head) nausea and vomiting. In addition to telling people to go to the hospital, I also advise them to call 911 and go by ambulance. In most places, the ambulance drivers can't leave the hospital until you've been seen so it helps you to get help more quickly.

I didn't go to the hospital until the next day (my mother's advice) and then I went by taxi. The wisdom of the folks at the ER was that I didn't have anything seriously wrong and to take two aspirin for my headache and come back if it got worse. I took Excedrin several times a day for 10 days before I had a rebleed. This time I went to the same hospital in an ambulance as I'd lost consciousness.

For many years, I didn't talk much about my annie experience. But, since I joined BAF last November, and read the stories of others and shared in the exchanges, I have been encouraged to talk about annies more and more.

Take care.


((Applauds)) Thank you Cris!!!!

HI Chris...I tell everyone I come in contact this about the headache...esp that one that is so horrible, mine didn't rupture, but the day I had the "worse headache" I knew in my heart something was was good that I had friends who called my hubby from work and he came home and took me to the started the journey and saved my life ~ Fondly, Colleen