Aneurysm Awareness Week?

In smaller, grayed text at the top of this page it indicates that

March 14-20, 2011 has been declared as Brain Aneurysm Awareness Week and to help bring awareness to the importance of early detection.

Does anyone know if this is NATIONAL, or has it just been declared locally in Arizona for the Joe Niekro Foundation?

I recall September as being Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month - I wasn’t aware of a week designated.

Joe Niekro's website looks impressive...I do not have time to read/study it the dates...

Thank you for giving his name out... somehow I think someone else offered this info a few months back because it triggers a mini-memory...but the name Joe Namath came up in memory...

Then there is this BAF and the TAAF in CA...and, perhaps there are more organizations/associations... ?

I remember that in May, the BAF sponsors their Walk-a-thon in Boston ...somehow think the September timeframe is also their planning...

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