Join our brain aneurysm awareness month campaign!

In honor of Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month, we ask you to please change your Facebook and Twitter profile picture and cover photo to the images below.

We ask you to do this in honor of those that have lost their lives to a brain aneurysm, for those that have survived a brain aneurysm, for all the families and friends impacted, and for a future without brain aneurysms.

Thank you for your constant support and vigilance to raise awareness of this deadly disease.

The Brain Aneurysm Foundation

Great way to show our support Christine...~


wonderful and I will definitely do this but what happened to the "chicken" picture campaign.??


Hi Brenda...that is representative of another BA site...this represents BAF's Awareness month...and our site...and fight for awareness ...Wishing you a good Friday ~ Colleen

Okay thanks, the chicken was to promote Sept as awareness month but these images make more sense when putting it as a profile picture. Definitely updating when I get home.

TGIF to you too. :)