Aftermath of a craineotomy

Has anyone experienced loss of senses like smell or taste?
How about deformity of your face or head?

My mom had the clipping procedure done and her right eye (the side where the surgery was done) is sunk into her head and her right temple is also indented.

Hey Lynne,
Post craniotomy I did not have changes in either taste or smell, but I did have issues with sound and hearing, like whooshing sound with each step when walking, but eventually that settled. As for deformities, my craniotomy was at the top of my skull and the bone flap is held in place with metal plates and screws. This has left me with 6 prominent holes around the exterior of that bone flap. I have also required a temporary pressure gauge to be inserted into my skull and have a burrhole in my forehead from that.
I also have 2 other family members who required neurosurgery, one with a craniotomy performed on the right side of her skull and like RMA21’s mom, her temple was also indented. The other you would not know such a procedure had taken place visually. I believe it very much depends on location, size and methods used for the procedure.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

Hello Lynne,
Yup, had experienced it for about 7months after crainetomy on the rigth side of my head/skull. I was bald that everyone can see the deformity on my head then, but only 2month hair begging to grow on my head that it hide’s the deformity. my dad did not like to put a metal on the affected skull were they dig a hole to get my Annie,
and yes, I can’t taste foods nor get a good smell either. But you will overcome this after months of practice.
Regards and keep on healing.


Thank you all who responded to my question. It does make me feel a little better that I am not alone. The loss of small and taste is very depressing for me. I had hoped it would come back, but it has been 3 years since my surgery for an unruptured annie. I hope there is still a chance to regain some of it.