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Lost smell after BA's surgery

Hoping doing this right way still learning site.But I have lost all since of smell,After my BA’s clipping surgery.Its been 6 months.

I hope others share their experience of losing smell. There are some members here that have lost smell or taste has changed. With the 4th coming up, there may be lots of members in the States on vacation.

Really thank you for helping.This is first time in 10 years ofBA’s diagnoses.So since surgery has helped so much to find other people share in my symptoms.Iam going to get this.Just a cowgirl.:racehorse::yum:Thank you!

In 1992 I had a craniotomy for a ruptured aneursym and also had a stroke at the same time. I completely lost my sense of taste and my sense of smell was diminished as well, for about a year’s time. They both eventually came back, I hope yours does as well, Theresa.

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You are a warrior too.Iam so thankful you texted me.I so want my. Sense smell back.I every nite spray essential oils on pillow and candles are my favorite.
Thank you for the hope.One more surgery to go through.:sunglasses:

Hi Teresa, I experienced the same thing post craniotomy and aneurysmal clippings x4. Can’t smell a thing. I miss the smell of rain, roses, coffee, freshly cut grass, indeed so many things. It’s just another way I’ve changed since the operations. BUT… I remember the smells, the perfumes, the lingering scents and I am forever grateful to those who performed the surgeries and helped me to recover. all 4 of my aneurysms were located in MCA’s on both sides, in close vicinity of the smell centre of the brain, so I presume that must have been affected during one or both of the surgeries.
Although it is sad you will learn to cope, have courage because you are not alone


Yes!It’s hard to complain when we’re alive.My 4 BA’s 2 right side,2 left side.
Like you I can remember how thing did smell.Getting through it is most important.Thanks for sharing so nice not to be only one.

I totally agree with teresaklingbiel: loss of smell sure beats having survived a BA. I had a ruptured BA in 2007 and still not regained my smell. Luckily I can still taste :slightly_smiling_face:

Today it rained and after I realized didn’t smell how nice it smelled. But still was pretty.