Loss of smell post surgery

Had 3 aneurysms clipped in April 2013 Two on right, one on left. Surgeon crossed brain to clip one on left. Recovered nicely but can no longer smell the roses or the coffee. Subsequent MRI showed no abnormalities. Has this happened to anyone else?

My sense of smell wasn’t affected, but everytime I eat, my nose runs. I know this sounds bizzare, but ever since my stroke and surgery, this has happened. A little embarrasing when around people. I’m sorry I can’t help in your situation.

My mom had an aneurysm on her right side clipped and she has lost her sense of smell and peripheral vision on that side.

I lost my smell temporarily after coiling and stent - I didn't realize until I realized that the reason food didn't taste good was I had no smell. Mine was only temporary. What does your surgeon say?

Yes. My only tell-tale symptom from my burst brain aneurysm and subsequent brain surgery is my sense of smell is diminished. A little price to pay.

I had annie cotterized 10 years ago....sense of smell of "off" for a while, but was back to normal in about 8 months. I have no left perifrial vision..and no longer drive because of it....(no longer feel safe)..but that too is a small price to pay! :)

I lost my sense of smell for several years after my aneurysm ruptured and was clipped. My neurosurgeon told me that he probably damaged my olfactory nerve during the operation. My sense of smell has been slowly returning over the past few years, but there are still many things I can't smell.

I'm so sorry Linda! I remember being in REcovery at the rehab Center, I kept smelling weird smells, like baked goods and such, I smelled these things for a very long time! I Love nothing better than smelling fresh clean AIR! From other posts I've read, I'm pretty lucky! Best wishes to you!


Hi Mary, I had one aneurysm clipped on the right side two years ago. The surgeon said that he had to move my smell/taste nerve to make the clipping and that the nerve got “beat up” pretty bad. It’s been strange waiting for my taste/smell to come back and slowly it has. I’m not back to 100% in the taste/smell area but it has improved a LOT! I hoping yours gets better too. From what I understand nerves grow and repair slowly. hope this helps, Cindy

My mom had

My mom had hers clipped in 1995 and hasn’t been able to smell since!

I had a rupture in the left frontal lobe clipped on 6/5/12. They found a second aneurysm that was "bigger" than the one that ruptured in the right frontal lobe that was eventually successfully surgically clipped on 8/14/12. I had more problems with surgery #2 than I did after the clean up from surgery #1. In fact, my neurosurgeon admitted to my family after surgery #2 that that annie was in a blind spot and when he went in he "accidentally" clipped a second vessal. I did not physically have a stroke but my brain put me through the actions of having one, trouble talking and not feeling the left side of my body. I discovered in November of 2012 that I couldn't smell or taste anything and haven't gotten any of it back yet - two years later. I've been told that this is normal for any type of action in the frontal lobe of the brain but no one can assure me if it will ever come back or not. Let me know how you recover from this only because this is the first contact with anyone else I've found with the same problem. Good luck all!!!

I lost my smell right after surgery and have never gotten it back and that was 7 years ago in July. I had one aneurysm on my left side behind my eye and three on my right side. It bothers me sometimes but it doesn’t seem like it will change back. I am just happy I am alive and doing very well. Good luck and if you have anymore questions feel free to ask me.

Hi there, I had mine clipped 4yrs ago & my nose runs every time I eat also. Most annoying

I had an aneurysm 14 years ago. Fell and cracked my skull lost my sense of taste and smell, but at least I am still on this earth..Thank you Jesus

Yes. I had a SAH on the right and subsequent surgery on left. I had four aneurysms and they initially tried to get to the left one from the right but couldn't. Doc said that the right one (there are only two olfactory nerves) probably went with the hemorrhage and the left got wrecked in one of the subsequent surgeries, probably when they retracted something. That was three years ago. Still no sense of smell. It makes cooking a pain and I tend to over salt things now.

At least now I don't have to pay for the expensive wine :P

I was clipped a little over 10 years ago. I lost my sense of smell. Didn't really notice it right away. I had been smoking for 30 plus years so I couldn't smell much anyway. I've had a little bit of smell come back recently.

Oh, thanks for posting this! I had coiling procedure done in June and have had diminished smell ever since. I've been wondering about this, so thanks again. Looks like it certainly can happen and I do hope you get your sense of smell back!

My daughter is 18 months post. She cannot smell or taste. Eats by sight, texture and memory. Very difficult. She never wants to eat.

Hi Mary glad your going ok, my sister has had two ruptures and lost her sense of smell and taste, but enjoys eating still. Best wishes