Advise needed on road to recovery

Hi! I am the sister of a brain aneurysm survivor. My sister, Adore Visser, ruptured an aneurysm on 16 September 2010 while standing in the line at the Post Office with my mother. She spent three weeks in ICU and months in hospital. On 17 March this year, the artery was operated on in Cape Town, South Africa. She still has one more that needs to be operated on next year. She is currently wheelchair-bound and we don’t know if she will ever be able to walk again. She can move both legs and her arms are quite strong. I would love to hear of anybody else who experienced similar problems. Adore’s mind is very clear and her short-term memory loss has also improved drastically. She reads many books, plays computer games and watches television. She still struggles with writing. She is in the process of being boarded. She used to be a teacher. She is bored and a bit frustrated, but determined to walk again. As you could imagine, rehabilitation in Namibia is a major problem, especially since she lives in Grootfontein in the North of the country. She has to rely on two wonderful ladies and my other sister, as well as her caretaker, to help her to practise,etc. Her sinews shortened and she would probably need to undergo hip, knee and foot surgery in future. I struggle to join the webnars and see there is some info on how to speed up recovery after rupture. I can’t access it though. Is there anyone who possibly have the information in printed form and can email it to me? I would love to hear from anyone else who has followed such a long road and wonder if there’s any hope for her to walk again? Corne Botes Namibia


I have not suffered a ruptured annie, but just wanted to wish you best of luck in your search for answers and wishes of healing thoughts to your sister.


well i had a rupture and we all heal different, i needed help also in the early stage but as time went on it got better,and remember it goes slow no fast miracle. The brain needs to heal, and please read the letter from your brain. :slight_smile: