Recovery after serious rupture of a cerebral aneurysm with cerebral infarct

Hi everybody, my sister had an aneurism rupture 2 months ago, very serious. She was operated, because with the angiography it was not possible to clip the aneurism. In the operation was seen she has 3 aneurysms, one broken, the other two unbroken. Doctors could clip the broken one and another one, but they could'nt clip the third one unbroken. In the next days he has several brain small infartus, one of them affected the "corpus callosum", other two in the frontal part, two small ones in cerebellum. After 3 weeks she opened her eyes, but has no expression, she doesn't move or talk, she doesn't recognize us, and since then there was any neurological evolution. Now doctors said she probably will never recovered herself if there has been any evolution in 2 months. Somebody knows a case where there was evolution after all that in 2 months? Thanks!

Hi and Welcome to BAF ~

I don't know what evolution is ... and I am so sorry about your sister...but there are cases here of people who have had similar experience and they have gotten better...but it takes time and therapy...I hope the same for your sister...this is a long journey... ~ Colleen

Im so sorry about ur sister. I feel ur pain n worries… My mom had an aneurisym burst on
1-24-14… She had 2. 13 hour surgeries in 10 days she had it clipped the first time n dats later was bleeding again they had to do the same surgery again n change tge clip… It took her 2 wks to open her eyes… Now it is a mnth later n mom is still not responsive sometimes has a blank stare… She moves only the right side of her body… Everyday she does a lil something she didnt do yesterday… Pls dnt give up hope i know the feeling… Im told everyday the brain takes long n slow to heal n everyones time is different…i only been on this site a wk n it has given me faith n hope… Everyones story is different … Their is light at the end of the tunnel im waiting to c it too… Pls stay strong!

Eva, welcome... each time I welcome someone I so wish it was for so better reason a trip back to Spain or your arrival here...tho it is grand to be able to share when we have such need...

I am so sorry about your sister...

Prayers for the very best for you all,


Thanks everybody for your answers!!!! Actually I don't give up, but that's what some doctors said last week. I't s encouraging to read what you've writen. Thanks a lot!!!!!!

sorry to hear about your sister she’s in my prayers

My mother in law was in a very similar state as your sister 3 weeks out. We are 6 weeks post-rupture and it is a world of difference. Not cured, but on the road to recovery. Within a week, she can not grab a cup an drink, share in a conversation, move around. And then there are things she still can’t do. But don’t lose faith, the body can do amazing things!!!

Hi again, I have some news about my sister. Three months after the aneurysm rupture, doctors close the traqueostomy and she start to speak.........!!!!!!!!

She speaks low and sometimes is difficult to understand, but now we now she recognize us, family and friends, remember all names, she can read, can add, but sometimes he doesn't understand what headache means. She never smile and she doesn't show emotions in her face when she speaks, but shows an irony in what she says. I can recognize her personality in what she says. Sometimes she is out, not really there and gets easily tired or confused.

The point is doctors say it's very difficult that she recover from the physical aftereffects, one of them, the left part of the boy remains inmobilised. So we are very happy to hear her speaking, but a little bit terrified if she gets completely conscious, but unable to move, you know what I mean? I don't want her to suffer. She is making the therapy with the specialists.

The thing I've learnt during this period is to live the present, here and now, this very moment. I don't ask for big things to happen, every day I concentrate in what can I do today, to go for a walk with her in the wheelchair under the sun in the hospital garden, I listen her, we look into each other's eyes and time goes by...waiting for better times.

A big hug to everybody!!!!! And bon courage!

Eva...overall it is a grand update from is back to each day....each step in recovery...

Hugs and Prayers for your sister's results...and, that you also take care of you...and, be sure to have your rest to maintain your health...



Wow, what a huge change in just a little more then a month ago! awesome news ! My best to your sister and you too, I know this is still really difficult for all involved but things are moving in the right direction ! Peace to you all,


Hi again everybody, after seven months, my sister started to eat alone with the right hand by the mouth. Doctors thought she could not chew and swallow, and she had during all this time a tube direclty to his stomach with this papilla with all necessary nutients, but we've tried in the last weeks by mouth and since a week she is able to eat lunch and dinner. But she is so anxious, that she eats too quick and we have to controll her in order she chew everything properly. That's a really good new for her autonomy and also because it's a pleasure for her twice a day, the taste, different flavours again. She is enjoying a lot.

The short term memory is not going very well. She explained things that haven't happened and sometimes she even realize that his brain is not working very well, and she gets confused and discouraged.

On the other side, she cannot move the left part of her body at all and doctors say she probably will not after 7 months. And I would like to know if it's really impossible or not.

A few weeks ago she started to smile for the first time, this was also a good sign. Until now she has few emotions or it was not possible for her to show emotions with his face. Some times looked sad or indifferent. Now she smiles sometimes. I can see more and more her personality in the way she talk, but still slightly.

Sometimes she is a little upset, because she says she has the feeling she doesn't improve mentally.

I don't know, yesterday somebody who has a stroke many years ago, told me that she spent 9 months without moving the right part of his body and now she can walk with some diffcilulties, but she walks anyway. And I wonder if this coul be the case of my sister, even if doctors say it isn't probably.

What do you think? Do you know about people in her case, that could move the left part of the body after 7 months with total inmobility?

Big hugs to verybody!!!!!

Ah Thank you so much for the update on your sister...but remember the sky is the limit...your sister has improved greatly in 7 months ... Hang in there and Hang on to Hope and Faith...she is still healing and still improving...~ God Bless ~ Colleen

Thanks Colleen!

The point that worries me now is that doctors say after 7 months without moving the left part of the body, she will probably not move again.

I wonder if anybody has heard about someone having a serious aneurysm rupture, without moving left part of the body for 7 months.....Is any hope that she can move it again???

Doctors say she won't, but I'm not so sure, because they thought she will remain like vegetative state and now, she speaks, she laughs, she eats alone. So....anybody has idea about that concrete point?

Thanks and love to you all!!!

hi all! My sister died last 3rd June 2015, 17 months after the aneurysm rupture. She had not recovered phisically, only could move one arm and hand and the head. The brain was evoluting to ...I don't know, but I'm sure it's not the kind of life she wanted. She had no real perspectives of getting better after 17 months almost completely paralised. Anyway... I still dont know if we, as sisters, brothers and sons, daughters of her, should have and angio tomography with contrast in order to see if we have aneurysm too. Most of doctors say it is not genetical, it's not necessary to have a look. What do you think?
Big hugs!!!

Oh Ms. Eva, so sorry for your loss. My Neurosurgeon asked me to call my nieces and nephews and let them know about my aneurysm. There are studies suggesting first degree relationship. My oldest niece suffers from migraines and her doctor said next time she had a bout, she would do an MRA or a CT scan or both. Here is what the BAF says:

I was in a coma for two months or more, off and on (they kept tranquilising me back to sleep because I was so confused and agitated). After that I slowly woke up, I did recognise people but also thought people were there who could not be, such as my dear mother, who had died ten years earlier, and my brother who was working in a hospital in another country. I had retrograde amnesia and thought it was ten years earlier than it was. Very gradually all the confusion cleared, great slabs of memory would suddenly return, and my husband says I am still improving a little, day by day. I very much hope it may be the same for your sister.

according to y neurologist at notre damr=e hosp in montrel,quebec recovery can rtake up to 2 years i just sa trted walking with a semi waker im compeltey paralized on my left side this happened in januay 2015adn weare now in juluy courage and hard work wil get us through this e-we can and wi make it.