Admited to hospital socters checking if anuerysm has ruptured

Hi thanks so much for your comment it feels so much to me.i feel that i am not alone kn this world.i had sever pain over the weekend and the i went to hospital they admited me and had to check and make sure anuerysm doesnt rupture.thdy had done a lumber punture to take fluid out of my brain to see if it was bleeding.Good news it wasnt and i felt to happy.but the bad news is that its quite largeIts quiet close to my left eye nerve.chance i could go blind.5% chance.i feel like I am a walking disaster n feel so upset about the risks.i hav so much people that lov meThey are all worried.i am glad i found this website.that day when i was in the hospitalI saw my surgeon and he said u hav to com back on 13 december.consultatikn and u r rightThey hav to study the angiogram.cant rush these things.its hard u r.keep meUpdated what happens.u r not alone

just take it easy and follow the dr orders. keep us posted.

Ok thanks so much.i wil keep u posted.Its just a worry as i have pain in my head.uts coz
Anuerysm is 22mm big.but i am a healthy person.dont smoke or drink.normal blood pressure

Waiting is very hard! I am also waiting to have my 12 mm fixed. There is a team of surgeons in Pittsburgh that repair aneurysms through an incision in the eye lid - much less invasive. If you Google search aneurysm repair through eyelid you will find some info. I hear only 2 or 3 neuro surgeons in the U.S. can do this this way. I was scheduled to have mine clipped on 12/6 but my angio results showed it would be more difficult than they originally thought. I chose to have the Pipeline Embolization Device implanted instead and am waiting for a new date.

Ah Sweetie...Keep us posted...and you have my prayers...Cyber~thoughts Colleen