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I got off a flight from Florida in late dec 2008,got the usual never before experienced headache a few hours after landing,managed to drive myself a couple of kilometres to my house before going into a semi-comatose state.

My daughter called some hours later and found me in pain and totally confused,she took me to a walk in medical centre where I was prescribed pain killers and sent home (I have no memory of this).Thinking I was jet-lagged and tired (I had flown for 8 or 9 hours) my daughter told me to lie down and went home.
Four or 5 hours later she checked in on me and found me in a semi-delirious state.

She rang the medical centre and told a different doctor about me and having looked at the notes of the first doc he told her to take me to hospital as it sounded like something in the brain.

Five or 6 days later I was coiled for an SAH.The reason for the delay was that the only surgeon who could do it was away.
I remember nothing of this only what my family tell me,I woke up following the operation at some stage to see my wife mopping my brow and this went on until I was sent to a "normal hospital near my home to recover.
Within 3 months I was walking round the neighbourhood,was off the pain killers for the headaches and strong enough to go for a few drinks a couple of weeks later (family did not approve).
I have just celebrated my 73rd birthday and I play golf a few times a week and the last time I had to have the angiogram about 3 or 4 years ago the surgeon informed me that he did not need to see me anymore.

This is avery short version of events and some interesting changes in my body took place,i never used to perspire before the surgery now I do and am much warmer than before.
My pooh smelled different and a strange thing happened to my finger nails,a series of ripples were to be seen at the base of my nails on both hands,largest on my thumbs and decreasing in size down to my small finger and these ripples remained until they growing right up my nails until they grew out.
Lots more happened on my way to full recovery but nothing to cause me any real worries.i am overweight and drink 5 or 6 pints of beer twice or three times a week and of course I gave up smoking so there are good news stories and we all be optimistic.

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Hay everybody back in 03/00 I had a Aneurysm with my HEAVENLY FATHER I. Came out of surgery with no problems just hungry, I went back to work but then in 08/00 I found out that I had sarcoidosis with this I became weaker so six months later I hah to stop working.

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