Success Story

I am definitely a success story. In January of 2011 I was having trouble keeping my eyes open @ work - no headache - just tremendous light sensitivity. Long story short - I was diagnosed with 3 annies. As you all know, unless ruptured, typically no symptoms appear. Lucky, lucky me. They took me into surgery right away for a clipping of the big one. Everything happened so fast. My poor family! The next day they took me back in because I had a brain hemorrage. It didn't look good for sure - told my family they didn't think I'd make it, but I survived that one too. Lucky, lucky me again. In October I was at work again and all of the sudden I became very confused. I couldn't remember my name, etc. I felt fine. I was just confused. Fortunately, I work in a hospital and walked right over to the ER. Turns out the 2nd annie had grown - yet again another symptom prior to rupturing. I had a coiling done this time. The 3rd one - we're keeping an eye on it. I don't fixate on it. I'm feeling pretty darn blessed - confident if this one acts up, I'll get that advanced notice again. I'm not afraid. I live every single day gratefully.


Yours is a most amazing story. Thanks be to God for your good outcomes and positive spirit.

May it be His will that the third annie will never give you a problem.


I'm counting on it, Carole :o)

I love your success story too Vicki!!! I too have one that is "un-ruptured" still in my head "untreated" because of its location. I have my followup to make sure all is well on the 18th...getting a bit nervous about the "procedure" but not the results...I remember how I didn't care much for the angios, but oh well, I am ALIVE!!!

Oh my gosh, Tera. I was just saying to my husband today the exact same thing you said about the angios. I work in a hospital. As I was walking by the Operating Room where they do those procedures, I called my husband & told him I'm not afraid of the results. I'm just starting to have anxiety about having the procedure done again - and mine isn't until October. I really, really hate the angios, but just like you - I am ALIVE!! I'll get through it this time and all the other times ahead of me, but I might whine a teeney tiny bit (@ least to my husband :o) Best of luck to you on the 18th!

Thank you Vicki!!! I will probably be a bit whiny too.....maybe not aloud but to myself anyway!!! LOL!!! I know I have an excellent doctor and if anything is wrong he will probably fix it then and there....or so I hope, but I sure don't like going back "there"...even if it IS just for the day!!!! I THINK as long as this one is okay I don't have to go back for another one for 2 years!!!! I'd really hate to work there!!!! LOL!!!

You are a blessed woman too Anne!!!! I am so thankful that my life and abilities were spared....most are not so lucky!!! God bless!!!

To Vicki,

Miracles do happen! I love to read the success stories of other people - yours was the first because I'm new to this site. I hope you continue to do well. I too have a lil aneurysm that hasn't been "fixed" but it's not the type of thing we dwell on, is it! Just take it day by day & live life to the fullest. You obviously have someone lookin out for YOU after all you've been through. Most people may have ignored those signs, but you were pro-active with your health and I commend you for that! You're right - aneurysms are ASYMPTOMATIC....for the most part (unless they grow large enough to push on a nerve of some sort, or rupture), but you are one of the lucky ones who got yourself into the care of a surgeon and did what most would be too afraid to do!

stay well and keep positive!!!!!! you're an inspiration!



I've got one of those too! The lil rysm they just wanna KEEP AN EYE ON. and I know first hand the angio is just NO FUN, but it's the best diagnostic tool used to see everything that's going on in the brain! I'm not sure if you've ever been sent for an MRA, but it seems as though my surgeon feels that's what I'll be needing as future follow ups. (way less invasive) I went for mine in January, and it seems as though everything is ok. The only problem with that is that I had one aneurysm (which was alil more than 1cm) coiled and the 3mm one that's still in there is kinda HIDING behind the bigger one, so even with an MRA I'm not sure they can monitor the size (whether or not it's gotten any bigger). the best advice I can give you in going through with an angio is to make sure they give you enough sedation. I know last time I got vercid (happy juice) and fentanyl (which is a pain killer). My first angio was a nightmare, I found out why the second time. Having a great anesthesiologist she was so thorough in monitoring my vitals and realized that the meds didn't stay in my system more than 5 or 10 minutes, so she had the nurse administer the meds every 5 minutes. I was awake the whole time, I would imagine it would have knocked most people out. I think I'm just resistant to most meds! Strange but true, but I do have to say the second time was better - due to the prior experience (a learning lesson) and the help of the nurses & doctors. Wishing you well! and I'm GLAD YOU'RE ALIVE!

Thanks much, Ducie! I think we're all an inspiration. I hope you continue to do well & I'm absolutely with you - living each day to the fullest :o)

ATTA GIRL! you can't go wrong with that type of positivity! And you know you have people you can turn to if ever you feel like you're having a bad day. It's not easy staying positive ALL THE TIME. We are only human! but everyone here so far has given me reason to stay positive.

Thanks Dulcie....after the "followup" they have determined (both neuro radiologist who did the coiling and the neurologist) that they do not believe the 2nd one is an anueuryms....but a "bulbous" vein. Either way, it doesn't matter, because they cannot treat it....if it gets me, it gets me. My neuro likes to do it "his" another angiogram in one year from now (doubling from the original 6 months) and then if THAT one is okay, we will wait two years from the one year one next June, so I guess June of 2015'ish....then if all is okay, they will monitor it occassionally with the MRA. I did have versad (have had it many times in the past) but I remember most everything I guess...if I missed something I don't know about it, but I remember everything about the angio. About like they were when I was in the hospital, not quite as intense, which was since it was a "one-time" angio, they did the Minx closure which allowed me to get off of my backside in 3 hours rather than 6-8. I think the ONLY angio I don't remember ALL of was the coiling...I think they actually used anesthia rather than versad for that one!!! BUT YES, WE ARE ALIVE!!!!!