Brain Aneurysm Support Community

7th Year of Survival

Hi Everybody! I joined BAF March 2014. I’d survived a rupture 3 years earlier. At the time I joined, I was struggling with accepting the fact that I had been permanently damaged. It’s hard to accept that there are things I can’t do. Things I once loved I can’t enjoy anymore, like festivals and concerts. I have had to accept migraines and weird debilitating episodes with spells as just another part of life, like the way I had to accept menstrual periods before I reached menopause. I had to accept that I had to sign up for disability. That was a very jagged pill to swallow. I’ve accepted it with a little more grace since then. But, when I first joined, I wrote my story and it was just me vomiting negative states all over the place. I honestly didn’t think BAF would accept me, it was that bad! But, they did! They welcomed me with open arms! So, I’d visit the site a lot, but really was not in any shape to participate. It was just comforting reading the stories of others, knowing I wasn’t alone. I stopped visiting after awhile, because I needed to distract myself for a time. I just needed focus on living one day at a time, working a slow and steady self-created rehabilitation program. I’ve gone for long walks with my dog all over the lakes and woods in the Ohio foothills where we live. I listen to guided imagery, practice breathing techniques, write and see a therapist every two weeks. I keep the house and yard tidy. I’m still needing to take anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds but am hoping to gradually replace those with supplements. I’m hoping I can return to work someday. I have good days and bad days. I was going through a series of bad days when I decided to visit BAF again. Just wanted to peruse the forums. I’ve decided that I am in a good enough place now that I can offer some support for those who just need to hear some feedback from someone who has battled the same demons. I’m very happy to see that it seems more people are joining because they’ve been diagnosed, rather than because they’ve suffered a rupture! One thing good to come out of my experience is, my sister got scanned because of it. They found a small aneurysm. She was frightened, of course, like all the people I’ve read about here who have been diagnosed. The good news is, she had the procedure with no complications, and she’s not going to have to go through what I did. She’s absolutely fine now!
Thanks for letting me share my story. I love BAF!


Thank you for sharing your survival story!

My mom had a rupture in May 2017 and is in therapy now slowly recovering. She has main issues with her balance, but she is improving everyday! Her therapists say if she keeps working hard and pushing herself she can make a very close to full recovery! I hope she keeps progressing. I get discouraged sometimes like anyone does, but I keep thinking of how lucky we are to still have her here today.

Thanks Rachel! Your Mom is fortunate to have have you. She needs you now. Her recovery will take a long time, and she will probably become weary and will have to work through a sort of grieving process. Having you there will help a lot. It’s great that you are a member of this site. The things you learn here are going to help you to better understand what she is going through so you will be able to better support her emotionally. You have no idea how awesome that is! Thanks for sharing your story and I hope we hear from your Mom some day. Keep me posted!