Im new at this

I just recently joined this site and am looking to connect with others who could help give advice and share stories. I survived a large ruptured aneurysm exactly 1 year ago at the age of 29, i am doing well but to be honest, am still having a tough time some days. Anyone care to chat?

Hi Karley, I’m a survivor too.
My rupture was quite 3 years ago, early morning in the gym.
I took first coils and one year later the PED stent.
I fully recovered but I do not came over the strange feeling I have from the day of my rupture ( february,16,2009).
Every single day I feel as a survivor and I’m not able to forget about this, that’s life.
Take care of you and Happy new year.

Hi Karley and welcome to BAF,

As you can see from most of the postings here, we all share that same feeling of having some tough days. I encourage you to write about your annie, i.e., the size, location, what type of surgery so that other can connect and share their stories with you.

I had two annies, one 9mm and one 3mm both in the internal carotid artery at the ophthalmic artery. I was the 7th person in the Philadelphia area to get the PED (pipeline embolization device) surgery. I am 7 months post op and feeling pretty well. I do get headaches once in a while, but have medication to help them.

I was one of the lucky ones whose annies were discovered before rupture, but we sure have plenty of survivors in this group who can share their stories following their experiences both before, during and after their annies ruptured.

Again, welcome to BAF and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers,


Welcome, Karley. I was one of the lucky ones - my annie was unruptured that was coiled and stented in October. You will find much support on this site - it really helps to be in touch with other people who have gone through this.


oh im always ready to chat, i am not 100% but i love what o got like 99.9% lol. My annie that i never knew i had ruptured 2009 and it been a long odd journey full of confusion but it got better.Listen to your body and rest when you need it.we can connect more if you tell more.

welcome and hugs! you are no longer alone. <3

Karley, welcome to this site; probably 99.9% of us have continued fatigue, headaches, tingling, hearing loss, vision issues, balance issues, memory blanks and so much more... Please tell us if you were clipped or coiled...

Hugs and Blessings to you and all for our New Year.


Hi Karley, welcome and Happy New Year to you and yours! I am a suvivor too, and its been almost 7 months since I had mine and some days are good and some are not so good. But, that is why we are all here to share the good and the not so good. Make sure you get lots of rest, do not go back to work to soon and see someone about all your emotions if you are having that problem. I see a neuro psycologist every other week and it dose help to a degree. I am not on any medication for that. Also try keeping a journal. I do every week since I got out of the hospital. I will say prayers for you. Thanks, Amy