My Story of Survival

I feel very blessed to have survived the ordeal! One of my four aneurysms first ruptured on December 30, 2012 as I was about to travel from Columbus, OH to Cleveland, OH. I had no idea was wrong and the initial bleed went untreated. I simply took some Aleve and laid down and went to sleep. I then ran that evening when and the next day as well. In the early evening on December 31, 2012, the aneurysm ruptured again. The only difference I can remember is that the pain was way worse then the initial bleed. I felt as though if someone were to touch my neck I would be paralyzed for life!

I was blessed to have been at my mom's house, along with my daughter who is a nurse. I remember the ambulance coming to get me, but not much after that until about a week later.

Based on stories from my mom and daughter, the doctors had given up on me and told my mom to call my family in because I was not going to make it. I was originally taken to Mt Carmel East Hospital in Columbus, OH and then life-flighted to Riverside Hospital in Columbus, OH which is considered the stroke hospital for Columbus, OH.

The other blessing for me was that the head Neuro-Surgeon just happened to be working the night I was taken to Riverside. Because my daughter is a nurse, she elected the less invasive procedure which is coiling of the aneurysms. When it is all said and done, I had 4 aneurysms. One of the 4 ruptured and two of the remaining three were coiled. The other aneurysm was too small and located in a non-threatening location so nothing was done to it.

I also no longer have those headaches. My headaches stopped about 8 weeks after the coiling surgery.

For those of us who have survived this ordeal, know we are truly blessed! For me, not only did I survive, I do not have any disability from the aneurysm rupturing. I am a bit slower than before, but that is ok and is something I can live with.

No to be offensive to anyone, but I thank God everyday for another opportunity to live life.!

Thank you again for sharing...Welcome to BAF ~ Colleen

Hello Hammer,

what wonderful, awesome and glorious blessings!

Blessings to all,


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