5 February 2023 mustering new members!

Goooood Morning BAF Support members! I was trying to figure out how many members we have and because I’m apparently electronically challenged, I couldn’t find a number. I know it’s up there and I was able to scroll down to the first member @Christine_B (Hey Christine!) who is over heading the troops at the BAF and joined 13 years ago. That’s a bit of a long time for an online support group to remain active in something that’s so rare don’t you think? I also saw a typo in my profile and can’t figure out how to change that either😂. Maybe if I ask one of the good folks @ModSupport they can help, they might can tell the number of members as well🤞🏻

We start this week off with @jessbarr (Hey Jess!). Jess and I had a couple PMs from the start because I didn’t know if Jess was using their last name, nope! Isn’t Jess smart? Remember don’t ever use enough information that those nitwits on the internet can find you. Be like Jess! Jess is newly diagnosed with an A1/anterior cerebral aneurysm it’s up at the top of the Circle of Willis Radiology Quiz 51777 | Radiopaedia.org. Jess is experiencing syncope, visual disturbances and cognitive impairment. Jess is an avid golfer, I doubt terrible…though I’m unsure how many months someone can golf in Massachusetts.

@Annamayannie is in Kentucky and is set for her procedure tomorrow on the 10th! Anna says she’s scared and we know how that feels, the unknown is always scary. She found us because her doctor gave her literature that included our support group, big shout out to a doctor who provides information to patients! She has a great support system, including two little shorkies! Not knowing what a Shorkie is I looked it up Shorkie Dog Breed Goberian Dog Breed Health, Temperament, Grooming, Feeding and Puppies - PetGuide | PetGuide aren’t they cute as a button? Good luck Anna and come say hi. Start a new topic and we will jump in adding to your support group!

@drmom4 finishes up our new members for the week. Danielle lives in GA. Did y’all know vidalia onions grow there otherwise they’re just sweet onions? Here in the South, everyone waits impatiently for harvest time. Danielle had coils placed in October for what sounds like a ruptured aneurysm. A single mom of four with her youngest being only four months old she was airlifted to Savannah, treated and has no major problems. When I saw her user name and read her profile, I thought yep, mom’s can be doctors, nurses, teachers and therapists to their children, a very big role and responsibility. Happy to read your okay Danielle, now how long do I have to wait for those onions to make my salsa?

I can’t wait to read more of your stories! Please come say hi by starting a new topic under General tab. If you run into trouble just send myself (@Moltroub) or the kind folks @ModSupport a pm and we will help sort it out.

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