Here’s our list of new members week of 6 Feb 2022

First I wanted to remind members who haven’t had a welcome to please send me a PM and I will most definitely post one here! As you know, Mr. Richard (@DickD) made it possible for me to remember where to go to add the welcomes. I have a bit of an issue with memory, go figure…

We have @Ella from here in NC, wonder which hospital she had two brain surgeries at, maybe the same as me or maybe one of the other hospitals other NC members have gone to…She says she loves to laugh! Laughter really helps us stay positive.

@ForestMouse has been active already! Way to go! She hails from the Great State of Texas and hopes to come and offer support as often as she can. She was having some more serious migraines and the doc ordered images which resulted in endoscopic procedure where two were found and stabilized! She is also a grant writer. In case y’all didn’t know, a good grant writer is worth their weight in gold for the agencies that need the grants. She is having a bit of conflict with coworkers who think she should be 100% already. We all know better don’t we?

@Carmela is originally from Peru. The dead give away was saying “Estados Unidos” which brought a smile to my face, it’s Spanish for United States. She’s down in the bustling city of Atlanta GA and is a Real Estate Agent with a couple of companies, The doctor found an aneurysm and she’s had 3 mini strokes. Bienvenido a nuestro grupo Camilla! ( Yes, I looked for a translation, mi Espanol es muy mal)

Rounding up the week, we have @Eldeejay from up in VA. She’s a Grandma who just had an SAH this past December. Early in recovery and we hope she rests when needed.

I wanted to give a big shout out to all those members who have been actively posting or starting new topics. We really appreciate it y’all! The only way we can learn, support be it giving or receiving is to post. Yes, everyone on the internet can read what we post; however, they cannot receive or provide support and experience to us. We all need both, so thank y’all who are actively posting, it means the world to us!