31 July 2022 New Members!

Can you believe that school will soon be starting? Growing up in California, I remember school didn’t start until the day after Labor Day, time changes everything.

This week’s new members start with, drum roll please…

@NicoleG up in Washington. Had to chuckle when I read on her profile page that she has too many dogs! My guess is she had an aneurysm that ruptured in 2016. She’s had a lot of treatment that many of us could benefit by, Cognitive Therapy, talk therapy, EMDR, OT and PT. She’s had a long recovery and still struggles with cognitive issues, neurological issues, peripheral pain, numbness and neuropathy. She has never been connected to a support group and is excited that she found us! Let’s help her explore all the different ways we can help!

@Chris2969 is in Arizona (song is now in my head, not the Eagles, Paul Revere and the Raiders LOL). Chris just had emergency surgery for a 1.4 cm saccular aneurysm on the ICA and is in the process of recovery. We hope it’s not too long Chis! Chis spent 25 years helping others. We look forward to not only helping you but receiving help as well Chris!

@JZW is up in Indiana and has a heart felt story of his experience with a rupture. Jacob discusses his day of leaving his little girl in day care, going into work to have his boss tell him to get to a doctor. Jacob was only 24 at the time and a single parent. His choice was to have emergency surgery (craniotomy) or die but he could only remember his ex-wife’s number. Fortunately his family did make it to the hospital before he was wheeled in. He survived but not without issues. He has panic attacks, troubles regulating body temperature, phobia with doctors and hospitals and of course memory issues. He’s had several suggest he has neurological issues and is wondering if others have had similar experiences.

@Jakub is in Slovakia and his girlfriend of over ten years ruptured. She has an AVM malformation which ruptured with a bad hemorrhage. He put treatment as psychology training and Tebokan. I’m not sure if psych training is therapy or if one of them attends university and I don’t know what Teboken is, I apologize. A lot on this young couples plate that I’m sure we can offer support as he needs it. He may choose to go to avmsupport.org, we will see, but he is most welcome here as well.

@Christina is in Georgia, the State not country. She has two aneurysms and is already dealing with Type 1 Diabetes and an insulin pump. This mom of two may have lots of questions and we sure can offer lots of answers based on our personal experience.

@ailin is down in Texas. Ailin is here to represent an Aunt that I believed had a rupture in 2019. Having ruptured, I get confused when people say an aneurysm as opposed to a rupture). Because of the pandemic the USA and everywhere else in the world has been dealing with, she hasn’t received much therapy of any type. Fortunately she is exercising daily as she loves fitness! You go girl! Arlin’s Aunt must be in San Antonio but cannot drive yet and Ailin resides in a different city so cannot provide transportation to take her to support groups. We certainly can help! Lots of people have learned to do things differently after a rupture and even with the pandemic.

Last up for the week and just admitted today, is @Heyjay also in Georgia, USA. Jazz had the thunderclap headache April 3 of this year. Received emergency surgery and a 14 day stay in NSICU I believe rather than the NICU (newborns). They letters can be confusing. Jazz is grateful to God for physical healing but Jazz has been struggling mentally. Jazz needs support and community and I be,I’ve Jazz can find it with us!

As always, new members check your junk or spam folder for the automated reply and follow the directions. Remember to start new topics under the General tab, we do have a Prayer and healing tab if need be. Remember to follow the guidelines. If you need help and can’t figure it out send myself @Moltroub or/and @ModSupport a PM.

I wanted to update those who haven’t read @javahusker topic My wife of 20 years passed away July 21. We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers Mr. Dan.

I hope y’all are following @BF_Writer and read the latest post Some tips on how to improve your mental and emotional health

In finishing up, I wanted to share a quote today that I came across by Booker T. Washington:

“If you want to lift yourself up, lift someone else up.”

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