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Wow did this week fly by so fast, I think I got lost! Seems that’s happening a bit more with trying to get into our new to us house. I do apologize for missing Sundays two weeks in a row, yikes!

@AngelaM starts us off from up in New Jersey. She was in a car accident last year and experienced horrible headaches which resulted in a lot of MRI/A’s and they found out she has an aneurysm which I think they used a stent on already. She loves all things Disney!

@LLL is up in Massachusetts. LindaL has a 5mm aneurysm which the doctor is wanting to do a clipping because of location. They found the little bugger back in 2018 and it was only 3mm. She has a strong family history with aneurysms, two paternal uncles and her maternal grandmother all ruptured and died. With that knowledge, LindaL is petrified of what decision to make. What she’s read here scares her too and she’s looking for some advice in helping her make her decision. Please start a new topic so folks can help you by their experiences.

@Jess is in Texas. Jess had a 23mm aneurysm rupture in her right frontal lobe back in 2015! She loves to cook. I wonder what her favorite dishes are…

@HeatherAnn is in Arizona and she’s already started a topic. She’s 17 weeks pregnant and just learned she has a cerebral aneurysm. She has a toddler at home and wants to watch her children grow up. We wish that for you as well Heather. Please help her out folks by responding here Pregnant newly found unruptured aneurysm

There are two members who need to check their spam/junk or email and respond so we can welcome them.

Y’all have a great week!

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