18 September 2022 newest members!

I had the luxury of sleeping in today though BH said it was a necessity :joy:. I don’t know about y’all, but getting thrown off my schedule is like being tossed off one of those carnival rides that you stand up and they secure you in…I think someone forgot to put the bar in place…

This week we start our roundup with none other than @Melissam1031! Melissa is down in Florida. She was coiled for a ruptured aneurysm back in August of this year and will have stents put in for two other aneurysms. Yikes! Remember to rest Melissa and follow all their rules, even if you don’t want to…

@Sabbie11 from New York. Debbie was having issues with high blood pressure, they did a CT scan and an aneurysm was found. She was referred to a Neurosurgeon who said it was a bit bigger than what the ER told her and she had to go in for an angiogram, which she probably has already had. She is nervous and scared and unsure what to expect. She enjoys the outdoors, staying active and has 3 grown children. We can certainly share our experiences with aneurysms and angiograms!

@Lillian is out in California and a caregiver/mother to her 17 year old daughter who ruptured back in Dec 2021. The clipping was successful and her daughter is about 95% recovered. A month or two ago she noticed her daughter is having increased behavioral changes with anger and tantrums. The tantrums are becoming more frequent, though she has been seeing a Psychologist. Lillian does have some help with her husband and the twin of her daughter who ruptured. Ms Lillian is looking for helpful advice…I have a few questions, please start a new topic under the General tab!

@Hdsmith218 is in Colorado. Heather loves animals and has experienced a ruptured aneurysm back in March. She’s working on her recovery and dealing with brain damage. She not only is looking for support but wants to reciprocate as well! Many of us here have ruptured and we can certainly offer support based on our own experiences!

@rnham is also up in New York. She’s just 29, experienced a ruptured aneurysm recently and just earned her RN. She has concerns. Fortunately, Rachel has already started a new topic Brain aneurysm at 29 - #4 by oct20. How about offering her some more advice y’all!

Leaving the mainland and crossing the ocean blue, @Emd is in the Highlands of Scotland. She also had a ruptured aneurysm. It was coiled as was three more! She has many questions that I’m sure we can help answer!

@S.blueml is in Berlin, Germany. Susanne shares that her father had a rupture while on vacation (holiday). Like so many of us, he was flown by helicopter to the hospital. Susanne was also on vacation in Nepal and is now with her mother and they’ve rented an apartment to be able to see him… I’m betting there’s a bit of stress happening right now, remember to take time for yourselves.

That wraps up the members who have joined us all save one who needs to check their email, junk or spam folder and reply.

Welcome, Fàilte, Willkommen! We are glad you all were able to find us.

Remember if you need help, just ask. Two ways to do this here - start a new topic under General by clicking on the + sign, send a PM to myself @Moltroub or to @ModSupport by the way, if you want to talk to a person and not the group, you can do that as well by clicking on their avatar (picture, many times an initial) and then send the message!