4th female with aneurysm in our family

I'm the 4th one, Mom's surgery was 9-24-11, i had a mra on 1-4-12, found out the next day i have (2) of them. 1 which extends superiorly off the bifurcation, measuring 5x6 mm, the other 1 is a small focal dilatation measuring 1.8 mm. don't understand all that, but meet with the dr. who did my mom's on1-9-12. this is so frightening, after i have seen first hand what mom has/is going through. I am trying to think positive. Cynthia

Sorry you have had to find us, but glad you managed to. Welcome. Try not to worry at least they have found them and will keep a close eye on you. Hope the meeting with the Dr goes well. And if you think of any questions you want to ask write them down as you will probably forget them I know I forgot quite a few. Jess.xxx


I am so sorry to hear this news :-(

Annies also run in my family. My mom has two and is on the wait & watch system. My sister has one and is also on the wait & watch system. I had an mri in Sept. 2010 which showed that I had one that needed to be taken care of. I had my clipped in Nov.2010. It's a major change of life but your doing right by trying to think positive. Trust me I know!

Please be strong, remember you have found people here that can help you when your feeling a little less strong. God Bless you and your family!


Hi Cynthia...Keeping you in my Thoughts....esp today ... hoping Doctor gives you less invasive procedure...

You do have to think positive, but it is ok to be scared...infact, it is normal...

Gotcha in my prayers...Colleen