Newly diagnosed

and happy to have found this site. I was told today that I have a basilar aneurysm 5mm and a 5mm cavernous aneurysm both uninterrupted thank God. I also have 2 very small ones that will be watched. The 2 5mm aneurysms are going to be clipped I believe as the endovascular option isn't one for me because my vessels are too small and they are afraid to cause a stroke trying to do them that method. I am going to be scheduled for the open surgery. I am finding lots of good info here and am starting to feel a bit better about things but it is still scary at best. It is good to know of so many positive outcomes, praying and keeping positive that mine will be also. Thoughts and prayers are with all of you too to be/remain healthy. Due to the complexity of the basilar annie, I may need two separate surgeries to address them. Each day is a gift...appreciate you folks being out there for support.

Hi Corinne,

Glad you found this forum too, it is a blessing! Many have gone through this ordeal before you, and have not only survived, but are thriving. There is quite a recovery period; but surgery has come a long long way and your surgeons will have you covered! Keep us posted, and ask any questions, it's a safe environment to share your fears and concerns (which are very NORMAL to have).



I am pleased for you, that you have the open/clip procedure...

Yes, each day is a gift...and, stay positive...

Prayers for your success in each step of the way...


Hi Corinne,

I am wondering how you are doing, I have a 4.9 mm cavernous aneurysm. My General Practitioner told me today that he doesn't think they can do anything about it and if it bleeds he is unsure how they can stop it, left me feeling very uneasy, I m waiting for my apt with a neurologist now. This aneurysm does not seem to be a popular one and finding information has been hard. Any insight from you would be so appreciated. Take Care

Tosha...I am not Corinne...

Can only refer you to some websites that may help you...and, in setting up your questions...

Cavernous segment of our ICAs is the area of our cavernous sinus. Thus you may want to search:

ICA Cavernous Segment anatomy and there are also numerous images of this to view

ICA cavernous sinus aneurysm

There are three sites (and many more) that goggle up quickly, that I like a lot...

the (may or may not get you there directly this one (for certain) has data/images on aneurysms

The others may, too....just slipping my memory...I survived and my memory did not do well...

If any of my sites do not work, just do the basic searches.

Hope any of this will help a little.

Also, in the Brain Basics (or Basic Brain, Multroub provided a site for understanding our brain structures... and, their basic functions. It does not list the arteries specifically. However, the meddean is pretty good at noting what the arteries supply... sometimes they are updating a portion...which is not immediately available.

Wishing you best...hope you will share back on how helpful these/other sites are to you.

Hope this may help you a ask questions of your doctors...

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Thank you patio plans! I will check that out!

Tosha - have you read this

From what I understand from some members here Barrow is a really good place. I realize you’re in Canada. But maybe your GP didn’t know about them. I’ll bet the specialist will know more. It’s what they go to school for:)

Also it may help to do a search with the more medically correct terminology. You might get more hits.

Thanks Moltroub, all these sights have been so informative, I can't thank you all enough!!

My unruptured aneurysm was discovered in the spring of 2012. It took the doctors at Hopkins about 6 weeks to come up with a treatment program. Although I was able to have the coiling, but I can relate to your stress while waiting. i tried to keep myself busy, especially with my grandchildren who represent the future to me. Even in the car, I switched to soothing music rather than the daily news.

So yes, there are so many successful stories..Keep up your positive thinking and surround yourself with the love of your family and friends. Best of luck.

Hi Corinne,

I had my annie coiled about 3 weeks ago. My recovery so far is good with occasional headache and I can't be ambitious with my movement.

No doubt our treatments are different, I believe your surgeon will be able to treat yours successfully. Just be positive and have faith.

Take care.