4th and FINAL surgery date...Hair falling out!

I got my surgery date to get my skull bone back. The date planned is the 11th of Aug.

I would like to ask everyone about hair loss. About a month ago I started to lose my hair. It's everywhere! I am losing a massive amount of it, the infection doctor was shocked when he saw how much and said that it could be several different reasons. The reactions that I have had, the cortison, stress or my thyroid. As many of you know I had a 6.25mm annie clipped in Nov. 2010 with many complications since. It almost seems stupid to be concerned about this since I am just going to get a good part of my head shaved again in a couple of weeks. Either way it is concerning to me.

I would like to know if this problem has happened to others and if the hair came back?

Many thoughts and prayers



You know you have my prayers and Healing thoughts sweetie...

I only had some hair fall out when I was first coiled...and it was the back of my head...and all over was told it thinned so much...possibly all the radiation...but nothing like you are saying...I am sure when your body can finally get all this over with and get healthy....your hair will grow back...

Cyber~hugs my Friend...Colleen

I did not lose my hair but if you look at my profile picture you can consider it a show of support. I did it for a good friend undergoing chemo but I’ll add you to the in support of list!

yrs ago when i had thryoid issues i almost went bald! lost my eyebrows, eyelashes , had my partial thryoidectomy and they found it was Hurthel cell adenoma, very rare , partially thrombosed left t part taken out and hey, now that i think of it that was the side(left) of my my giant ICA annie and it was partially thrombosed !!! wow, gonna have to google that and see if there may be a connection! oppps, sorry,my thought s wondered there , my hair alll grew back and my eyelashes also, my brows are thin though, and I did not have to go on andy replacement! alot of x rays from the angio grams will cause hair loss also! huggs and prayers Julie

Radiation??? What radiation???

Morning colleen,

I had clipping so I do not believe that there was rediation involved except for the scans & xrays...

I talked with the doctors here and then called my old doctor in the states they all say pretty much the same thing that it could be several different reasons at this pointe..Trying to find out why would almost be impossible.. :-(

Thinking positive though that it will come back and when it does the suprise is going to be what color, if it's going to be straigt or curly..lol

Lots of *hugs* to ya!


Guess it comes with coiling Deanna…

Thomas thanks for the support..lol

At the rate this is going we could be twins in about two weeks..lol

Hey Julie,

I have been on thryoid meds for year's but have not had it checked in sometime..This will be done today when I go have my picc line changed and leave my weekly 4 tubes of blood...The doctor says it could be from the reactions, meds, stress or my thryoid, all I know is I don't like it..lol

I know! its frightening! I mean I had handfuls of hair at a time ! was crazy , my hair got so thin you could see my scalp! finally after my thryoid surgery my hair started to grow back in took almost 8 months! Hopefully you only have a vitamine or mineral imbalance, huggsss and prayers, Julie in Delaware

Kimberly...first...you are in my prayers for August 11th...and every other day...

Yes, hair loss is quite common...if I remember correctly, it is even noted on some page of this BAF site...

In all of your treatment(s) since initial diagnosis thru all the f/up (bear w/my memory lapses), have you had a lot of angios, CT/As, MRI/As, and/or plain film x-rays? The angios seem to be the biggest impact on hair loss...

On the drugs where you have had reactions...you likely can pull up more data on the 'net on those...for any potential connections to hair loss...to talk to your md about...

I think we all have grow back...in time....sometimes the hair volume is not as thick as original...like everything else, there are similarities / variations...very likely it will grow back in time... as it does for people after chemo...some friends w/that even got a little curl added to the grow back....

Because I have psoriasis (autoimmune related) that affects skin, hair and nails, my derm told me to take biotin...but I take no meds...Do NOT take anything...until you check it out with your neuro/mds...

Hugs and prayers,


Radiation is in all radiology / radiography.... angios, CT/As, MRI/As, plain film x-rays...the nuclear PET / SPECT and whatever else...the stuff used in angios is called fleuroscopy.

FDA and other websites have data on the volumes...

Julie...I have so wondered about so many things....the pituitary controls / supports the thyroid...

I had thyroid issues in my early 20's...had some meds but did not do well on them for other reasons... still have all my thyroid...never had a hair problem...did adjust my diet...and off birth control pills...

You have an ICA aneurysm and I have an ICA aneurysm... the area is the region of the pituitary which controls the thryoid... I am a crazy believer that there are symptoms so much earlier than any research has been done on... pressure in the brain has to affect so much else regardless of how mini the pressure...just my personal, non-medically scientific...opinion...

Julie....you are blessed w/thin eyebrows...others have to have theirs thinned for appearance!!!

Hi Kimberley,

You are & will be in my thoughts & prayers for the upcoming surgery. I know all will be ok for you. As for the hair, when I first came home my hair was falling out & real hard to manage, but only on the side of the coiling. Its getting better, but still have the static, & can't' control as it is so fly-away. What my family noticed more than anything was it has gotten curly. I always had straight hair. Anyway, I figure I have alot more than having to worry about hair. Take care & will be thinking of you.


Pat, Thanks for the thoughts and prayers.

I have never had an angio. I have had maybe 5 CT's with contrast but the last one I had I reacted to the contrast. My infection specialist says that in my case it would be hard to pin pointe why I am losing so much hair. Could be the meds, reactions (due to meds) thryoid, cortison or stress. I went in last Wed for a bunch of blood tests. They are even checking the levels of liquid in my body. I hope to get the results of them this coming week.

As for taking anything..lol..That is not allowed unless the infection specialist is contacted first at this point. Right now we know that I can not take Claforan (Penicillin & Cephalosporins), Vancomycin, Clindamycin, & Sulfa's. The ones that they are not sure of as of yet are Zyvoxid, Doxycyklin.

The infection specialist is recomending Cubicin (which was just FDA approved in 2003) to be used during my next surgery. If something is needed after surgery they are recomending Zyvoxid. All this to be used under a controlled enviroment with everything ready at hand in case of anaphylazix reactions.

I got my hair cut short in the back last week after seeing the doctor..lol..He said if nothing else maybe it would make it so that there was less hair on the floor and I would not be as upset..lol..It didn't work! I am still losing lots of hair in the shower. Like I said one would think this would be no big deal since one side is going to be shave again very soon. I guess it's a woman thing..lol




I too have alway had straight hair and have been blonde my whole life but when my hair started coming back after my first surgery it came back curly and dark..(with a lot of gray)..lol

With everything else that I have to worry about I don't want to worry about my hair coming out on it's own. To me that is a sign that something is not right. If it's meds or stress I can understand it. I would just like to know for how long after the meds will it continue.



Still saying extra prayers daily for you ...


wanting to wish you a beautiful day...! Cyber ~ thoughts and prayers...colleen

Thanks Colleen..I think about you daily and also saying prayers :-)

Here's to us both having a beautiful day or should I say DAY'S

Lots of cyber *HUGS*


Hi Kimberley -

sorry to have been AWOL - youve been in my thoughts and I'm so glad you're nearing what WILL be your final medical ordeal....power of positive thinking!!!!

I know it's very important to rule out all the medical possibilities, but I do know that stress will make hair fall out, so I pin my hopes on that theory for you. General anesthesia can do it too - my hairdresser told me that shes noticed repeatedly after people have surgery, many eventually have some hair loss. Don't know how much general you've been under recently - but just another factor to consider.

How are you doing, emotionally? As much as the 11th must carry anxiety and fear, I hope that it's also a day of great relief and joy - being a day that you really turn a corner and get to start the progression that should have begun so long ago.

Love to you and good thoughts, prayers.....I'm with you!



Hang in there and know you are in my prayers. Will be praying on the 11th.