Hair loss

Hi, I am new to the site. I am almost four months post op. Had an unruptured aneurysm clipped. I notice my hair falling out the last few weeks. Now the hair loss is starting to show. I am very upset. Did this happen to anyone. Is it stress or something to do with surgery. I was told that it could possible be the anesthesia. Please Help.

It’s due to the radiation they use when performing the surgery. I have about 65% of my hair gone. Most of it is from the middle of my head down. I just wear lots of hats. My doc forgot to tell me about that too. It will grow back but take awhile. It’s normal. My doc said they have to shoot the dye in there and use radiation to make sure they are filling the coils right and/or putting the stents in right.

Hope that helps.


I am so sorry for your hair loss. I did not have major hair loss, but i do have super thick hair, so what i did lose was not noticeable. This surgery really is like non i have ever had. Also this anesthesia was like non other. I was gone. I was totally rebooted. i too had had unruptured aneurysm clipped. My advice is to talk with surgeon and also neurologist as this perhaps could be anesthesia or pituitary issue or thyroid issue, so totally different issue. Time takes time, so hang in there…


many blessings and we have already had a huge one

Strange you should mention this. I’ve noticed that I am losing hair now and I haven’t gone through any type of surgery as yet. My blood work came back about 2 weeks or so ago all good, except my thyroid is a little out of whack. (Hypothyroidism) GP wants to wait and watch before putting me on meds etc and wants me to have more blood work done in Feb. Maybe my hair loss could be from that?

I presume you had angiograms for the diagnosis and decision process.
I had a lot of hair loss following my angios…no, my family was advised… clogged my drain terribly. A friend got a mesh drain cover for my tub/shower…and, keep draino to use intermittently…even with the cover.
My hair has never regrown to its original familial volume. But I had 8 angiograms in 48 hours, multiple CTs and more…then, the f/up angios…
Angios have the highest radiation level in this equipment …i.e. compared to MR/A, CT/A and others…
Somehow I think the BAF added info on this to its website… and/or call the neuro’s office and ask, them, too…

I had drain clogging hair loss, but it was from fluoronef, that I was on. It is a steroid that kept my BP up. Once I stopped taking it, the hair loss stopped.
I hope it abate and improves.

Fluornef a steroid I was on to increase my BP, caused drain clogging hair loss. Once I came off it the hair loss abated. I hope it is temporary!

I had a coil with stent and as I was getting ready to leave the hospital the doc’s nurse practitioner told me I would have patchy hair loss due to the use of concentrated radiation they used to “see inside my skull”. That was news to me because before the procedure no one mentioned radiation. I am having lots of hair loss, one patch, but I would say it is quite a bit over my whole head. I am 4 months post of and still losing. I was told it will grow back. I have curly hair so no one notices but me and my husband if he sees the shower when I am done shampooing!


The radiation varies by the equipment…angio, CT, MR, old standard x-ray. Angios also have the higher / heavier contrast dye…

My dentist smiled post-treatment; His file notes “x-ray …5 years” unless symptoms/observation… Well (ok smile), I was about 10 years old (decades ago) when the shoe stores had xray machines…my mother let me do that “once”…like a game…and, told me way back then to not do that…beyond the occasional dental x-ray…
A typical child, I’d run a half block to get inside before mom did so I could sneak another look at my toes! No, it did not happen often; when a young adult, I reduced the dental x-rays from the annual level…
Kimberly, when you had your stent implanted, were you given a Patient Information Guide and the card-to-carry? I have been attempting to get info on stent implants…


I had fine thin hair and the back of my head is COMPLETELY bald! Should I wear wigs? I’ve been wearing hats. My husband says I should be as proud as a cancer survivor and run around bald. I say I’m a woman and being bald isn’t as easy as it is for a man.

I agree with your husband. You’re a woman and being bald isn’t as easy as it is for a man? Well, that really depends on how you view women doesn’t it. Maybe something to think about. Just sayin.

I was not give a patient info guide and I was not given a card to carry. My husband asked the doctor about airport x-ray and he said there is no problem with it. I had a follow up MIR a few weeks ago and what I learned is that if you have a stent and get an MRI you have to make sure they use a lower magnetic level because of the stent.

I love what your husband said. When my hair started turning grey my husband said “don’t color it, it is a part of you”. At the time I thought he was nuts (I do color my hair).
Both our husbands have a valid point but you should do what makes you feel comfortable and if it is a wig or a hat, go for it. Maybe you could get a short sassy do with the hair that is left in the front and see how you feel at home and around family.
You are you, hair or not.
Hang in there!

When I left the hospital I had hair loss and checking the meds they gave me, one said the side effect was hair loss. After I was off that med (2 weeks), I went to my hair doctor and he removed the bad hair. I also had basically 3 weeks in the hospital without my hair (long hair) being washed or conditioned. It was one big clump. After a couple months, the hair started growing back and a year later, it is fine.

I am really curious about not getting the Info guide and card to carry…because the FDA approval included those being provided…
And, my curiosity climbs on the volume of stents…Then w/no card-to-carry, how would it be readily known on the mag level issue if there was some emergency situation?

Very true Pat, I never thought of that. Do you think someone with a coil and stent should wear a medic alert bracelet?


Some of my local peers do wear some braclet; I don’t think it is the alert bracelet…just a reminder type…you can pull them up on the 'net and browse thru.

We all should have a card-to carry of some type; w/the date(s); what was done;any and all meds that are being taken…including any list of supplements
and any allergies of food and/or meds.
That is 1) a safety precaution for any emergency type situation from a car accident, to tripping /falling, or any recurrence to the aneurysm status… or anything else.

2) for any meds in a person’s system in case they could react to others administered; again, any known allergies. 3) it’s also a good memory for each of us seeing a new md; changing hospitals, etc…so something is not overlooked. 4) who to contact (I think called ICE) should you end up in emergency and not have family/friends able to be there in minutes /you…

You may also want to be sure your spoise, family has a copy to keep should they get a phone call on an emergency. Word blanking here, a friend who is set up w/my attorney/will related items who will have power-of-attorney if I am unable to make decisions at some time… Talk to your attorney who did your will.