My wife of 20 years passed away July 21

My wife of 20 years passed away July 21. She meant everything to me. She had the first rupture on July 1. They missed detecting the aneurysm on the first angiogram. She was improving and talking. They ran the 2nd angiogram 5 days later, detected the rupture, but by then the vasospasms prevented a flow diverter from being inserted. The doctors thrashed between blood thinners and platelets as they tried to fight bleeding and stroking simultaneously. I felt helpless as I watched her brain slowly being destroyed and she had more and more difficulty talking. Eventually she succumbed.

The day before the first rupture, I had a headache and she said to me ‘I wish I could take your headache and give it to me’. The guilt I feel from that act of kindness is immense. I realize it is just a coincidence, but she was that type of person. Just a pure good heart. I am lost.

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I’m so sorry that you’ve lost your wife. I know you only just joined the forum to find out more as she had gone into hospital, so we’ve hardly met.

Lots of love from me,


I’m so sorry to hear that you have lost your wife.
I hope this forum can help you to process what happened to her.
Take care of yourself, one day at a time.

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The sorrow of losing a partner can be overwhelming. Be kind to yourself. She sounds like she was a fantastic lady who loved you immensely. Be kind to yourself as she would want you to be I’m guessing.

Big hugs

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I am so sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine what you are experiencing. I hope that your fond memories of the last 20 years will help you process. If you’d like and you think it could help, maybe you could tell us more about her.

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