26 May 2024 new folks to welcome!

Hey all! No ramblings today, I’m having difficulty typing, hurt my rotator cuff. Who knew that would affect typing? Learn something new every day. So straight to the welcomes!

@Notme4this is in the South here in the States. She was diagnosed a couple months ago and is trying to figure out what’s next. You can read more here Looking for information about flow diverter

@jamiee is in Florida. Jamiee is an intern with Ben’s Friends and has graciously agreed to help me here on our support group. She’s learning about brain aneurysms but she still understands what we are going through as she’s also has a rare disease. Jamiee has been helping out with the AVM support group so she’s already got some experience under her belt with brains! You will see the moderator badge shield thingy next to her name. Jamiee can do everything I can here on our group. Now that’s help!

@Dani224 is in the UK, a little place called London lol. Daniela is being referred to a Neuro radiologist for an aneurysm on the ACOM. She’s also a mother of two children. I imagine a bit scared as well.

@PattyWac is in South Dakota here in the USA. She ruptured durability a coiling attempt. And boy does she have a story to go with that! You can find it here New and scared. Ruptured aneurysm and SAH. A lot of questions for Google leave me with more Q's and anxiety! - #22 by PattyWac. I don’t believe I’ve ever read a member having so many complications.

That’s the round up for this week. Please help each other out, it’s what we’re all about. Remember to be kind to those that come your way. Until next week, then again maybe Jamie will do the welcomes!

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Good luck on your rotator cuff injury. I’m nine months out from right rotator cuff and torn bicep surgery and it’s been harder to recover from than my Annie. Hang in there! Positive support is one of the best medicines. Take care!

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