18 February 2024 our newest folks!

Good morning y’all! It’s a bit chilly at 28 d F. We are in the almost Spring but Winter is still here part of the year. Our weeds are growing is what it means to me and I need to pull them out of the flower beds. :joy:. We spent a few hours yesterday with friends who’ve just had their second child. A very big boy who weighed 9lbs 12 oz at birth three weeks ago. BH hogged him so I didn’t get to old him at all. But he settled down, got comfy and slept like a baby the entire time. Their 17 month old decided she would engage with me and I think she wore me out with all the books she brought to me, some dancing and crawling up and down. I had forgotten how much energy it takes to keep up with little ones. It’s amazing how smart she is, she can count to ten easily, knows many shapes and colors as well as letters. She’s still hesitant on walking which made me laugh as she put a depth grip on my pants with one hand and the other was holding my fingers as tight as she could. She reminded me of a lesson we all have to learn when we rupture, it takes diligence and fortitude to get our neurotransmitters up and running. But we need to crawl before we walk or run so it also takes a lot of patience and ability to get over our fears. Her attention span with all the noise in the home may be a bit longer than mine so maybe I’m jealous. I think she recognized this and kept coming to my rescue, at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Now for me to get to the welcomes and stop my rambling…

@NHannie starts us off. Sue is up in New Hampshire and has a PCA fusiform that she is having fixed this week with a flow diverter. All she tells us is that she is terrified. We get it Sue, come talk to us by starting a new topic.

@DawnMas508 is up in Pennsylvania. Dawn had a right MCA aneurysm diagnosed in October of 2023. A year later she had a craniotomy to fix it. Dawn experienced severe headaches and dizziness after her COVID vaccinations. She went to several neurologists but nothing they were doing was helping. Dawn was seeing a Physical Therapist and he spoke with his mother, a Neurosurgeon. She had recommended Dawn get an MRA which amazingly no one had ordered because they all decided she was experiencing anxiety. One did finally order it and they found an aneurysm. She then went to two neurosurgeons who said it was fine to watch and wait. Dawn’s symptoms were worsening so she found a third Neurosurgeon. She found a third who lined up all her images and explained the first three showed no change, the fourth one which was her most recent was different and recommended treatment. They decided on a craniotomy after going over her options. The abnormality on the fourth images ended up being two aneurysms growing on top of the original aneurysm. Dawn praises Dr. Burkhardt at the University of Pennsylvania and we certainly understand why. Good for you Dawn for sticking to your guns and finding a surgeon who helped you!

@alsofrightened is up in Ontario’s Canada. Alana received the woven endobridge device (WEB) for a 7mm ICA aneurysm. It was found when she had a CT scan for pulsatile tinnitus and five months later had her procedure performed. Alana is a librarian and shares that she’s just had some minor vision loss after her procedure. I’ve always loved libraries. I love holding a book in my hands but often fall to my phone or tablet to read. I really liked the old card catalog system using the Dewey system, it made finding a book really easy. The catalog system was always housed in white oak files and I loved those as well. Then computers made those cards obsolete and out went the card files. The first time I went into the local library after the switch, I was completely lost in how to find a book or even a subject I needed. A very kind and patient librarian helped me in what I needed. That was a few years before I ruptured, well ok, a few decades.:joy:

Welcome everyone! We hope to see you posting on an existing topic or start your own! If you run into troubles please feel free to send me @Moltroub or the very kind and knowledgeable folks @ModSupport a PM and we can help you out!

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