2 yr anny-versary

just wanted to announce my 2 yr anny-versary…me n my anny broke up n called it quits 2vyrs ago…im thankful that i dont have to see or hear from that pesky anny…good riddens i tell ya…i am at 100%, i feel great and living n loving to the fullest…life is good n God is great!

Glad your still here to celebrate. And yes, God is very good.

Good to hear Michelle....really happy for you.....It is so good to hear a positive story...gives us all hope.


thank u sweetpea :wink:

thanks hunny…life is good

It’s so great to hear, gives me something to look forward too… Live after annie… :slight_smile:

That is great news to hear! God is Great!!


yes maam…thank u doll

karen , all is very much appreciated,luv ur way<3

Life is good Michelle...

Congratulations on your 2 year anny ~ versary...!

Be well and keep the healing going...Cyber~hugs Colleen

got that right, GOD IS GREAT, GOOD , LOVE.

My 3 year anniversary was 9/29/11. I missed it so much they decided I could have another one! It’s smaller though and on the watch and wait plan. Glad you’re still with us.


Best wishes! As my mama would say, God is good!


thank u colleen, feeling like a very lucky person

laurie God is wat helps my fear to subside…he is my shield…thanks so much to u

hey thomas…lol…i guess ur anny wasnt ready to break up yet…lol…thank u 4 ur comments n i will pray that anny goes away…prayers goin up 4 u

yes maam linda…thank u hunny…God is awesome