Today is my 2 year anniversary

...of being released from the hospital--after 4 long months! ...when I get frustrated with myself, I just think back to how I was just 2 short years ago! Perseverance! oh, and patience helps, too! I think perseverance is more helpful----at least in my case....

Congratulations Dana...~ a saying like ago..."You've come a long way baby..."...Keep smiling and Healing..."one day at a time..."...Gotcha in my Heart...~ Colleen

Happy 2nd Dana. May you have many, many more!!


…thanks, friend…hope you are doing well…

Thanks Ed! I hope to have many, many more! Nice to hear from you! Have a great weekend!

Hi Dana,

happy anniversary! May God bless you as you continue to recover.


Dana , I would say both are very important!! Congratulations!

Thank you, Carole.....

Thanks, Nikki---by the way, I never told you that I love your new photo!

Thanks, Darcy--

Yes, Sue---at time it feels like yesterday--other times, light years in the past....Dana

hi Dana! happy 2nd little sis! (i am 3)- you mentioned perseverance-good one! my fav is fortitude. May God bless you &yours