16 yo needs PED...no insurance

My 16 yo niece was just diagnosed with a giant aneurysm (44 mm). We have many questions and concerns. The main one being access to this procedure as she is uninsured. How long after diagnosis did you wait before undergoing the PED? I see some people waited years with small aneuryms before they had the surgery. Anyone out there with giant aneurysm who have had to delay receiving the procedure for lack of finances or other reasons? What was interim treatment?


my heart goes out to you and your niece. I strongly urge you to apply to some type of government insurance because having an aneurysm that large can represent a danger to her life. I truly believe that what your niece has the government cannot deny you health assistance!

I believe you both should not waste any time. Even though right now, you both can't count on any health insurance you should start searching for a good neurosurgeon who specializes in this field. My 1st aneurysm was almost 11mm and my surgeon said, it had to be treated right a way.

Go as far as having a consultation with a well-trained neurosurgeon and see what they can offer, I have heard others have their neurosurgeon find a way to have the PED procedure free of charge. Don't freeze in doing nothing just because you can't have insurance right now, start searching, start asking. You both shall be in my prayers.


Thanks so much for your suggestions and concern, and of course your prayers. By God's grace, my niece had her procedure done at Baptist Hospital in Miami on May 15. The family was able to locate an excellent physician and the hospital was willing to work them them on the financial aspect. She has been discharged to home and thus far recovering well though the drs say it will be a few months before they know if she will need more surgery.

We are so thankful she came through this. To God be the glory!


So happy to know your niece situation has a promising result and yes to God be the glory! Keep me posted as I shall continue to pray for her and you as you encourage her.