Anyone have suggestions

i have a two year old who has an aneurysm that had burst when she was 15months we have gone though so much hell wit this but GOD has help her relearn everything over again and now they found another one this one is different they say its not even in text book and my insurance is taking so long to appove her for the barral institute for surgery. i dont want to wait for this one to burst please pray or if anyone can help please we live in pahurmp,nv and like i said they want to take us to az,to the barral institute so im just waiting cause i guess az dont like to take nv medicaid. thanks so much juanita oh by the way my babys name is cayla shes my lil angel.

you all are in my prayers, and my god continue to hold baby cayla tight and you all during this time. I so wish you could fly to Tampa and just come on thru the emergency room , we have such wonderful neurosurgeons here, and they turn no one away. It is a shame and so wrong on every level to have to deal with insurance when at this time you need to be dealing with care and dealing with what your next steps will be…

I do know that phz AZ also has wonderful doc’s please hang in there and keep looking up in faith and not side ways with worry and fear…

many blessings,

I am praying that she will be ok. They cannot deny surgery for your child without insurance. they are required to help her. be strong.

OMG I am so sorry, I am so upset over this, I find it hard as I live in NZ we have free medical care and they don’t make you wait… especially when a child is concerned you are in my thoughts Cayla and my prays poor little angel I wish there was more I could do

thank you so mush every prayer helps

thank you so much god bless

you are so sweet that sounds like a great idea your not the only one to suggest that