My angel cayla we need someones hepl!

i have a 2year old who has been though an aneurysm that burst on aug 8th 2009 and now they found another one they say this one is not even in med text book im so scared this one is going to burst too if they dont hurry and do the surgery they want to send us to the barral institute of az only if they will take nv. medicaid does anyone have any suggestions please we need help. she just learned everything all over again she is truely my lil angel. please help her mommy juanita

Go to Cincinnati Childrens Hospital and see Dr. Crone and Dr. Jones. They repaired my son’s in 3 stages. Medicaid covers it along with Children Special Health Care provided through your local Health Dept. A social worker at a hospital will also know of whom you can contact. Surgery is needed right awat! Or the U of Michigan.