Monitoring after unruptured clipped aneurysm

Hi I am new to this forum! I had my aneurysm clipped 18 months ago and am due to see surgeon in a few months. I still suffer from headaches and head pain whenever I am ill or tired! Should I have an angiogram or just mri to monitor any changes?

Have you talked to any neurosurgeon or neurologist about your problem prior to your appointment? My surgeon advised an angiogram as a follow-up measurement. Were you given a choice to have angiogram or CT or MRI?

Are you physically close to your surgeon? Will you be able to visit him before your next appointment to address your headache?

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Hi and thanks for your reply! I had a CT scan 6 months post op organised by my surgeon and an MRI 1 year post op organised by my General practitioner and everything seemed ok. Now I am due for my 2 year post op check with my surgeon. As I still have head pain I am anxious and a little nervous at the possibility of a new aneurysm or meningioma forming. What is usual follow up…just a yearly MRI?

It seems that you are already taken care of by your doctors. I was actually advised to follow up (maybe) 5 years post OP. Strange, huh (why?)?

As to your head pain, did you get some helps from your general practitioner or neurologist? Was it migraine type, like happening on the surgery side of your head, or all over your head?

I am also facing a headache thing, and I am seeking for neurologist help in migraines. However, I suspect there is something going on along the incision line since there is one scab that never fells off (now 2nd treatment with nitrogen) after almost 8 months of post OP.

A new aneurysm? within 2 years? That’s scary to think of, but you own your headache so you have more than 50% say about it. :frowning: Bring your worries to your surgeon and neurologist. Even if they to veto you, at least you can bring it up to their attentions.

I was told by one of the residences that my follow up would be an angiogram (this in their views, are ‘more’ accurate in viewing the aneurysm and its surroundings.) However, other residence I spoke to said CT, not MRI, would be the method to follow up. Confused… Please let me know what your procedures are.

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I’m not sure whether follow up procedures in Australia are different to the USA. It is interesting to hear the experiences of others and nice to know I am not alone :slightly_smiling_face:

I got an answer from the residence of my surgeon. He said that they would love to see me again in a year, with CTA. Hope this helps. :smiley:

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Hi again! CTA is an angiogram? I haven’t had an angiogram since my surgery just the scan and MRI (we might have different lingo here down under). 2 November 2018 is 2 years since my aneurysm was clipped. Hard to believe it is nearly 2 years!!!

Thanks so much for your replies. Hope your angiogram goes ok :slightly_smiling_face:


I believe he meant for CT angiogram, not the Cerebral angiogram ( Cerebral angiogram is also a norm procedure since some doctors believe it will deliver ‘better’ pictures for them. It is an invasive procedure. An experienced doctor should perform it without a problem. Good luck on whichever procedure that your doctor prefers in following up your aneurysm procedure.

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