Do I need an annual neurology check up and MRI now?

June 2018, Ruptured brain aneurysm. Given my last rights from my priest. Glad I did, was ready if God wanted to take me. Sent to San Antonio. Surgery and Coiled the ruptured aneurysm. After ICU for two weeks, got to go home. Went to physical therapy and occupational therapy. Recovered. Then I had second surgery in December 2018. Crainiotomy and AVM removal, and found another un-ruptured brain aneurysm and removed it too. Was in ICU four days. Went home. Much better now after recovery. My question is - do I still need an annual check up and annual MRI from a neuro doctor to see if I get any more aneurysms? I thought both the aneurysms were caused by the AVM. Since it was removed, shouldn’t I be considered well now?

My Neuro surgeon did MRI/MRA’s every six months or so after I ruptured. Followed by angiograms and in my case, recoiling. It is just one little strange aneurysm that popped and has been a pain to get fixed. I also had to see my neurosurgeon every three months for a couple of years. I haven’t seen her for almost two years now. I go back in Feb 2020. The doctors can’t “remove” an aneurysm, but there are several methods to stabilize it - coiling, clip, etc. I would ask your surgeon what is planned for you. The surgeon may want to follow up to make sure everything is stabilized. Best of luck to you!

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