Yearly CT scan?

After my Basilar artery aneurysm that was clipped I was told that I should be back to my DR. for yearly CT scans. However when I was at his office last he told me I wouldnt need to come back for 5 yrs. Does anyone know how often a CT scan will need to be done. For my peice of mind I was going to do it yearly.

Hi Peter,

The follow-up for clipped aneurysms is generally a lot less frequenty than the followup for coiled aneurysms.

Please consider the recommendation to have your next test in 5 years as permission not to worry. It's hard at first but eventually this will fade into the background. You won't ever forget and every little twinge in your head will cause you to question. You will eventually decide what's normal for you. And, should any thing happen that's of concern to you, by all means, get on the phone and call the doctor or 911 depending on the severity.

I had an aneurysm clipped in 1969 (this is not a typo). The follow-up tests that I've had are all because of the unruptured aneurysm that was left behind and, I haven't had yearly tests for those either (it would drive me crazy to do so). The post 1969 reports all have language that refer to the clipped aneurysms with terminology like "evidence of a clipped aneurysm".

May God continue to bless you.


Thanks for the info.

Hi I was coiled...with my basilar artery annie...and I had angiogram done at 6 mos...and now again in June (which will be 18 months)...after that I am not sure...

Tell your Doctor your concerns and see what he/she suggests...

Cyber~continue healing thoughts Colleen

Hi Peter-

On my 1 year meeting with my neurosurgeon (wanted to "meet me" and see my progress) , he wants to see me in another 4 years (5 years from original surgery)--I was happy about that!

For me, there was some question of another aneurysm or an infundibilun so I had some picture done locally and the neurology "team" here in Sacramento---is not another aneurysm :-), so 5 years is what they told me-

I understand you anxiety and need for peace of mind-- you seem to hold your Dr in high regard so, I would just listen to him..Dana

Peter, I asked this question to a Dr just a week or so ago at our new support group. My question was 1) the follow up is not consistent and we all get different answers. 2). It is unsettling to not have follow up or frequent follow up. He said that if they really felt there was any reason to follow up they would. If they are telling you they don’t need frequent follow up (like yearly or every 6 mos) or have told you that you don’t need any follow up (my case-I am coiled and then glued with Onyx) then that is good and it’s not that they don’t want to see you it’s that they don’t need to. It is a bit unsettling and that is why I asked. Sometimes you feel like someone should be “watching” you. Take care.