Ct with contrast report

Well most of you know i gone for a ct with contrast due to a neck problem so it turns out they want me to get a angiogram to make sure they dont see residual of a aneurysm sac, which makes me think i might have a regrowth or one trying to come out from either side of the clipping, so i go to get a angiogram next week then results and maybe surgery and ideas????

No ideas from me, but I am glad you are going for an angio. I am going for one myself next Wednesday, but mine is a followup from my coil/stent 3 months ago. I hope they find what is causing your neck problem - I also think it is too early for you to think about more surgery. One step at a time.

Where was your original annie? What day are you having yours? So many questions, I know. I have those, too. Laurie, I will keep you in my prayers and hope you find the answer to your questions.


Oh no Laurie!!!

You are in my thoughts and prayers!!! I was not aware that a regrowth could develope from either side of the clipping... I was told that once clipped then it's gone and no need to ever think about it again.. Was I missinformed?


my neck has bone spurs just a pain in the neck lol i can have epidural shots or surgery i think ill take surgery.

i dont know if it is a regrowth or a leak or kust a misinterpitation, they said a angio is needed to be sure but the funny part is i feel GREAT.Plus i was informed after surgery as you well know we might need to come back.

I'd definitely get the angiogram. It shows things the other tests don't! So to relieve your mind, that's your best option for a true reading of what is going on. I will pray it's nothing, just a misread blip, and am sending hugs your way! Best of luck to you!


(((Laurie)))...You have my prayers sweetie...I hope this isn't the case...a. you don't need this...b. you have that ongoing neck pain like me...c. well dammit I don't want you to have more surgery...

Take care, keep us posted...and know I am here for you...Big Prayers out your way...Colleen

well thank you and i dont want you to have pain.

You are in my thoughts and prayers...glad you are getting in for the diagnosis.



i reread the ct reportand they are comparing what they see from my rupture in 09 after thet repaired it so maybe its just a piece of something. i go tomorrow for angiogram and then on the 17 for the results.

Hi Laurie,

Prayers for great results and for you neck pain to resolve itself. Thinking of you!


Thinking about you Laurie...