Yaaaaay ....Think the 6 month angio is sorted!

Hi ya peeps,

well I think my 6 months angio is sorted. I have contacted a new surgeons office and on explaining to the receptionist, that I am new to the area (State) and need to find a new surgeon as I shall be 6months post surgery in two weeks. She asked if I had my medical records and CD's with me, which I do, and gave me an appt for next week with the directing surgeon of the Texas stroke Institute Dr Janardham to discuss a 6 month angio, yaaaaaaay, and he, and the hospital are only 15 minutes away from my new apt.....double yaaaaay.

Hope all you guys are having a good day, and for those not feeling so good, prayers and hugs that tomorrow is a better day

Best Wishes as always



Awesome news!!!!! Please keep us posted after your apt and so glad to hear you are seeing the "head huncho" so to speak!! LOL

Best wishes,


That's great news!!!..My thoughts, prayers, hugs & support will be with you for your 6 month angio. I know it will all work out fantastic!!!

(( Happy Hugs))

Kimberley (aka) Mrs. Unique :-)

Thanks Linda,

Yaaaaaay was so shocked to find them on the doorstep. That close I could have toppled over him hahahah. Just hope as he is big boss he will decide to go ahead and have a lookise to see how things are diddling, new state, new surgeon, new procedures :)

Will keep you posted.

best Wishes


Thank you K (aka) M.U Say that outloud fast and I'm sure you can offend someone, somewhere around the globe hahahahah

Sending all the thoughts prayers and hugs back atcha for tomorrow and I'll just borrow them for the angio

Best Wishes


Good for you! Glad you were persistent - and I know your news will be excellent!

Hi Gaynor...

Glad to hear you have an appt with someone in your new town...I will do the same when I am up in Indianapolis...just to have a person/contact when I am away from Florida...

I think if they do an angio on you...and let you know how things are doing, you will feel so much better...

Hugs and Keep us posted...Colleen

Awesome news, I'm certain that you will let us all know how it goes. How have you been feeling??

Hi Teddy,

Feeling good thanks, relieved now that I have the appt for next week, weather cooling in Texas now so more comfortable all round

Hope all good with you

Best Wishes


Hi, Gaynor - good for you! Where in TX did you move? I grew up in Dallas/Ft. Worth.

Hi Sherri.

I now live in Plano, Preston park Blvd and Parkway. Really is a great place, lots to do, and even better now I am only stones throw from my new Surgeon and hospital.

So glad for you to be moved and settling in...Michelle and Brenda are in TX and name blanking again...the one who got the TX legislature involved for BA recognition...will be great for you if you all have the opprortunity to connect. I think Michelle talked of getting a support group under way and more...

Best wishes for your continued good results..


Hi Pat

Thanks so much for the best wishes.

Once I am all settled up and get the ol angio sorted I shall contact Michelle as would be keen to meet up with a support group.

Best Wishes


I am delighted for you to make your move; those alone can be a lot of planning/adjusting.

How has your daughter enjoyed this change? Perhaps you have moved more and she's more familiar with that than many others are.