Woooop Woooop Guess who'se having her 6 month angio

Yaaaay. had my appt today with a new surgeon and Yes... I can have my first angio, at 6months instead of waiting the whole 12 months no problemo....... Just need to get my bloodworks checked and can schedule an apt. so i'll be getting that done YESTERDAY....

Best Wishes and hoping everyone is feeling well and if not feel sooooo much better tommorow

Miss Impatient :)

Great news Gaynor! I think waiting and the unknown is very stressful, I'm impatient too :)

Have a Blessed Evening!



Wonderful news!!!!!!! Having my follow up in December and starting to nerve out about it already! LOL

Best wishes,


Cool!!...Praying that all goes the way it's suppose too for you :-)



Oh, Happy Days! You all know, don't you, that the outside world of "normal brains" would think we were crazy to be happy about having another invasive test, happy to have dye injected, radiation exposure, etc., etc., etc.

That's great, Gaynor, I assume you feel comfortable with the new Doc?


Hi Gaynor, good news.
Better to’ have it at 6 month.
It will be’ a great day.
Take care

Hi Linda,

I'm that excited, you'd think it was December (christmas come early ) LOL

Best Wishes


Well Miss Unique

Prayers much appreciated, but sending half back atcha for answers you deserve x

Best Wishes as always


Hi Sherri

Yaaaaay Its certainly is a funny ol world when you get excited about a fancy fountain pen being pushed through your arterys like a GPS, Infact in our world I feel like I've just won a prize :)

Best Wishes


Hi Giovanni,

Yup, I 'm too thinking it will be a great day, I feel so much better knowing I'll have answers at 6 months than waiting for 12. Its the knowing that helps us win the battle.

Have a great day


Whoop, Whoop…you go…! Keep us posted…Cyber~hugs your way…Colleen

Hi Karen

I didn't realise just how much the thought of waiting so long must of been stressing me out and keeping me awake. All is good now though, my hubby tells me I'm Snoring again.......yaaaay.

Best Wishes


Back atcha Sweet lady x