Wow, it is great to see you all here!

Hi, name is Tera and I just found you today while I was searching for "answers" to symptoms I am having. My story starts on December 30, 2011. I am a 51 year old female, (former I guess) smoker, with high blood pressure and nine kids. I actually only HAD one of those 9 kids, inherited 4 step-kids through marriage, and through God adopted (in love though not legally) four more! My youngest step-daughter, 25, was to be married on New Year's Eve. The wedding would be at 2:00 p.m. which gave everyone time to still enjoy their own party plans that night. Because of the wedding, the "out of town" kids weren't coming until the 28th so we decided to have our Christmas on the 29th. I was exhausted from trying to plan the wedding and get Christmas together as well. Rehearsal would be the 30th at 6:00 p.m. My husband dropped me off at the church where one of my sons met me and we began decorating the fellowship hall for the reception. We pulled all of the tables and chairs into the area, and he left to go get us some lunch. I began putting a tablecloth on one of the tables and I got very dizzy. I went to sit down and woke up on the floor. My head hurt so badly and I was alone. I realized my cell phone was in my pocket and finally managed to roll around to get my hand in my pocket and get my phone out. I called my husband and told him "I am on the floor. I don't know how I got here. I need help. Please send help". He asked if I needed an ambulance and I told him "yes". Soon I could hear the sirens coming and my son walked back in. I asked him to keep talking to me until the ambulance got there. (He is 22) Soon I was at the hospital that specializes in head trauma, thinking I had a concussion and had passed out due to dehydration and exhaustion. After the MRI it was determined there were two aneurysms and at least one had burst. I was soon transported to another hospital that had the neurologist for a clipping procedure. They also had a neuro-radiologist who did coiling procedures but he was "on vacation" and I wouldn't make it until he returned. The neurologist, as it turned out, as admitted to the hospital the same day, as a patient, with a stroke. (Happily he is now back at work) Discussions were ongoing about them flying me to a larger city, no doctors, no rooms, etc....finally the morning of my daughter's wedding a doctor walked into my room, introduced himself, and told me he would be taking care of me. There was some confusion apparently because it was the "coiling" doctor who was "off" on vacation, was BACK. He told me he would be doing the coiling procedure. I had the coiling procedure and the doctor called my husband at 1:45 p.m. to tell him I had survived the surgery. Fifteen minutes later, at MY request, he walked Amy down the aisle to her husband. The doctor coiled one aneurysm and left the other one as it is in a precarious place and does not appear to have any bleeding issues at this time. I was in Surgical ICU from December 30th until January 17th. I had numerous angiograms and dopplers, pretty much every day, with the exception of maybe 2 or 3 days during that period. I developed vasospasms, which they were hoping against on January 3rd so it was very touch and go during that time. I started getting better and then on the 11th they returned FULL FORCE for 2 days. After that I had “little” ones and continued having the angiograms and dopplers daily. Around 5:00 p.m. on the 17th I was finally deemed ready for a “regular room”. I was in the “regular room” about 24 hours when they told me I would be going home the next day. On January 19th I FINALLY got to go home and join the world that my family lived in again. I don’t know how many of you felt that way but I know I was always so sad when my family left, not because I was “alone”, but because they lived in a “different” world where they could “come and go”. So I was released on oxygen (which is another long story) and have been home since. My daughter, who lives in Colorado (I live in Texas), stayed with me for about two more weeks. I don’t seem to have any “disabilities” or memory loss…in fact I never had any of those issues, but I did have a “hearing” issue for several days where I felt like my ears were under water and I couldn’t much hear anyone. I am exhausted and last night I vacuumed my floor and it felt like I had deep cleaned my entire home. I have never had such a hard time “recovering” from any type of surgery. The other issue I have, after being a smoker for 31 years, is that I WANT a cigarette. I KNOW they are not good for me or the aneurysms, but I MISS smoking and I ENJOYED smoking. Is there anyone on here who returned to smoking??? Anyway, thanks for letting me vent!!! Thanks for being here…my family tries hard, but they don’t “understand”.

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this type of surgery takes time dont push it or rush , the brain needs to heal and we need to learn how to go slow , this takes time.I quit the day of my rupture 10/19/2009 and dont even ant one , i was so sick to care for one to be truthful. Bieng exhauasted will come and go as you learn to retrain your brain. KEEP POSTING.

Thanks Laurie....I am trying to take it easy, but I am so used to getting right back to me after a surgery and this has been so different! I just found out today that I am going to have to go back on oxygen at night because my levels dropped too low on my "test". I stay at 95 to 98 during the day but apparently at night drop down to 69 and below! Unfortunately I do not even think about being sick now when I think of smoking....I wish the thought made me sick. Thanks for replying....I appreciate it!!!

Hi Tera

Welcome to BAF I’m just waiting for the coiling procedure I see the guy who will be doing the op on the 6th march then they say it will be about a week after that when I have it…It’s been a long wait I was diangnoused with a 7mm anni just after Xmas iv seen 2 neurosurgeons who have said that the coiling would be best for me and to stop smoking both said …I was smoking about 20 to 25 a day I’m on the tablets champix and havnt had a smoke in about 4weeks it’s been hard but I think it will be worth it in the long run …I also nearly cut my thumb off a couple of weeks ago and had a operation to connect the tendons and nreves back together and iv still not picked up a smoke I’m at home bored stiff but I feel if it’s going to help with the coiling procedure and make my life longer then I am going to keep it up …good luck just try and not have one for a day at a time if that’s to long try a hour at a time your health is very important and best of luck thanks Jimmy

Again Welcome Tera...!

It is a great group of people...

Keep that Quit is so bad for the aneurysm...infact, my Doctor told me, if I ever go back to smoking...not to come back and see him...ugh...!

You keep on healing...and glad you are apart of our group...! Cyber~thoughts Colleen

Jimmy, Good morning and thanks for the welcome!!! I know that you are probably just wishing it was all over and you were on the "rehab" side of this journey, but know that you will be in my prayers for a very successful coiling and a rapid rehabilitation!! That has been a long wait!! Good for you on the non-smoking....someone asked me if I needed some chantix, but the "physical" addiction was already gone long before I left the is the psychological addiction that is hanging on! I was smoking the same amount as you. I keep hearing "it'll get easier" and I am still waiting for that day!!! I ENJOYED smoking so this has really been the most difficult part of the whole thing...but I do know I will be healthier in the long run....or at least I hope. Thank you and best of luck to you as well!!!

Thanks Colleen. I think I have enough people "standing by" ready to kill me themselves if I return to smoking. My doctor told me "you need to quit smoking"....I told him "yes, and I'm going to try" and he said "the last woman who told me that can no longer speak after she had a stroke because she began smoking again right after she left the hospital and these things are 'volatile' when they are first done"

I will admit that after a walk down the five floors of our parking garage yesterday with my boss, and sleeping with my oxygen again last night, I really feel MUCH better today. The boss said he will walk with me every day! He is a great boss and I am lucky to have him...he is a former smoker whose wife has had a couple of abdominal aneurysms and his mother died from a brain aneurysm.

Thank you for the wonderful welcome here!!!! I so appreciate you all!!


I smoked my last cigerette, stubbed it out when my aneurysm ruptured in exteme pain, one year ago today. I got coiled and keeping an eye on a 2nd small unruputered aneurysm. I admit I liked smoking, still miss it, but can't, so I am still chewing the nicotene gum. My doctors know and haven't said that's a problem. Hang in there!

Hi Tera,

My wife suffered a ruptured anuerysm, and her story is not to dissimilar to yours. She was a smoker of forty years, when we went to see the consultant last month he said that her SAH was solely down to smoking he said some people get heart diseases others lung cancer you got an SAH. So please,please if you can resist starting again, I know how hard it is i am an ex smoker albeit a long time ago. I started putting nicotine patches on my wife while she was in a coma in hospital and touch wood she hasn't ever mentioned about starting again, mind you that may be to do with her short term memory loss. Best Wishes to you and good luck with not smoking John & Sue

Still "hanging" Karri....I don't think I "need" the nicotene gum as the physical symptoms are long's this silly "psychological" craving that is getting to day at a time...with God's grace I am here and with His grace I will conquer this!!

Thank you John,

I am still "smoke free" and today seems like a "better" when I got up, instead of saying "I am NOT going to smoke today" I said (to myself of course) "I do not WANT to smoke today" and right now it is so true!!! Yesterday when my BFF called and said that she and my sister were "talking" about me and my sister said I am "different" and maybe I NEED to be smoking again (which I am SURE my sister didn't say as much as my BFF) I wanted to go smoke....then I thought "My BFF has the monkey on HER back...not me!!!!" She is upset because I haven't started "smoking" with her again! I'm not sure that drama didn't help "free" me...don't get me wrong I'm sure I still will "want" to smoke, but right now I feel great about NOT smoking!!!


Great i am glad you managed to hold out yesterday ,you should feel proud of yourself, i think you have the right attitude towards it, i am sure you will crack it if you carry on thinking like that. You don't owe it to anyone except yourself and your future good health. Keep positive one day at a time. Best Wishes John.

Thanks John!!! I sure appreciate it and best wishes to your wife...I sure hope that she regains anything lost and thank you for taking such good care of is very important to have that type of support system from your family!

Hi Tera and welcome to BAF

WOW what a story!

First and foremost, you are so new into your recovery and have such a far journey ahead of you! Kudos on where you have gotten so far!

Second, may I suggest that you read A Letter From Your Brain . This really puts into perspective all of the ups and down associated with recovering from a brain injury/surgery.

Smoking ---- ahhhh on February 24th of this year, I am officialy 9 months since I had my last smoke. Yes I truly enjoyed my ciggies and yes I still miss them terribly, but it does get easier as time goes on, I promise.

And last, I have been known to say, that although I have the best supportive family and friends, no one gets me like my BAF family. We all share in and have been through the journey you are beginning and are here to support you every step of the way.

Best wishes to you for continued good health and recovery.



HI! Thank you so much for the welcome! I read the Letter from your link. It does put it into perspective. I expect to be able to "do" what I did before because I "feel" like me, and yet the other night I vacuumed for the first time and I felt like I used to when I deep cleaned the entire house! I will TRY to remember to SLOW down, and sometimes my body gives me no choice!!

Congratulations on the 9 months!!!! Good for you!!! It will be a day to celebrate when I can say that!!! I look forward to it. I keep hearing it gets better....I also look forward to THAT!!!

You are correct in that my family is wonderful, but they have no "clue" how it "feels" and are sometimes insensitive without meaning to be. It is nice to become a part of the BAF family!!!! Thank you for your "inclusion". I appreciate it!!!


I understand! I quit 3 times before, twice when pregnant & i remember taking a quiz the showed I was physically, psychologically, all addicted. So still, always a cigerette addict, but most important- we are not smoking- yea! :slight_smile:

YEA!! We are NOT smoking.As my doctor explained it is like any other addiction, drugs, alcohol, etc. That helped me to realize that I would be an "addict" for life! One day at a time.....

Hi Tera:

I am moved by What you have gone through ! I am happy that everything is well now !

You have a large family to hold on to, so this perhaps give you the strength to fight. And also, I suppose some people are less "fragile" than others. Me, even when they do a root canal in my tooth, it goes bad and I loose the tooth. That happened two years ago. So this is why I am scared and cannot make my mind to have the surgery. And also I am alone, so if something happens, I'll have to fight it alone ! And what after the surgery ? You need help don't you ? I must confess, this is making me very depressed. I have hard time to cope.

But listening to all of you gives me some strengh and hope. Thank you all !

and good luck to all of you !


Thanks Michelle....I am doing quite well.....I have a bit of damage in the balance area of my brain which gives me some dizziness and vertigo but other than that I am quite well. With my angio, I didn't need help at ALL when I got home from my 6 month will have to have someone drive you and pick you up, but it was an "outpatient" thing.....they did the Minx closure which meant I only had to lie still half the time and then they sent me home....I rested the rest of the day and returned to work the next day.

The ALONE part would be hard I think.....just you not have a support system of friends and family to lean on? I'm going to have to go and read your story, as I haven't yet, but IF you didn't have a rupture the first time, you DON'T want one....for that you need LOTS of help and God willing, you survive!!! I'd much rather have the followup that go through that EVER again....if I even survived TO fight it!!! Stay here with us, read some uplifting stories of the successful 6 month'ers...dont' read the ones that had it bad because they WILL make you scared...they did me and the few days before I just quit reading here because I was afraid I'd see more "bad experiences"! God bless you and know you are in my prayers, whatever you decide!!!

Just read you HAVEN'T had a rupture.....I don't know what advice to give you since you aren't in the United States.....sorry about the two 'L's" I put in your name daughter has two L's! I don't know much about socialist medicine but I'm glad we have so many good doctors here...I've never been afraid to have these, but I know I am in EXCELLENT hands here. I will be hoping and praying that you make the decision that is BEST for YOU, but I sure would hate for you to rupture from not having it done....I am a miracle of miracles!!!