6 month angio scheduled!

Hi Everyone!

Finally got my 6 month angio scheduled (although it will be closer to 7 months lol) for December 27th.

I am hoping, like most of my fellow PED recipients, that the PEDs have done their job and that my annie has occluded and will no longer be seen . I'll also be scheduling an MRA to check on my lil 2mm annie to make sure it hasn't grown any.

I am beginning to feel extremely nervous about the angio, even though I have been through 2 of them already! I think I'm more nervous about the results of the angio then the actual angio, at least that is what I'm telling myself.

Just wanted to keep everyone posted and also to say I haven't been around the past week but was on a lil mini vacation from life, but now I'm back!!

Hugs, best wishes and healing thoughts to all!

Hi Linda...

Everyone needs a mini~vacation from life...Lord knows I think I take enough of them...hahaha...!

You have my prayers for December 27th...they are never easy...no matter what...

Happy Friday...! cyber~hugs Colleen

I understand the mini vacation....but am glad you are back! I was completely freaked for my f/u angio - but it was actually fine. But of course it's scary. I think for me, it was also about returning to the scene of the crime....same hospital, same surgeon (a good thing, but still a face I wish I'd never had to meet), same room etc etc. It just brought it all back up in a way that I wish never had to happen.

Maybe try to focus on how completely giddy you will be when you get your good results!!!

I leave for Mexico that day - but will be thinking of you.


Thanks for the encouraging words Jim. I really know this deep down, but still have that lil twinge of anxiety!! LOL

Hui Colleen,

Don't you just love those lil mini vacas away from life!! LOL

Thanks for the prayers, I'll take all I can get!!

Hugs and Happy Friday to youas well!


You know what Jaycie maybe you've hit the nail on the head. It's the whole going back to the sceneof the crime so to speak. Never thought of it that way... interesting!

Well I do hope you enjoy mexico, I know I love it there myself, have a great trip!! and thanks for the thoughts


you will be fine ::)))))

thanks Laurie, I know I will.... just doesn't make me feel any less anxious lol.

Hey Linda,

Prayers for a successful outcome! I'm here for ya!!

Hugs and Love,


Thanks Karen, and ya know I'm there for you too !!!!!

Hugs and love,


Hi Linda, I wish I could send you on a not so mini vacation to make the time fly before the 27! Alas, I’ll just have to pray for you! Complete occlusion and no growth on the 2mm;)
This forum is really good for my prayer life! Thank you,