Wisdom from the "funny papers"

I don't mind the past because it's over and done with.

I don't mind the future because there's always hope.

What I never liked is the present!

Beetle Baily by Mort Walker 2/9


Many of us can relate to these words although, I think we'd probably change the last line to

"What I don't like is 'this' present."

I'm an avid reader of the daily comics. I find in them many reasons to smile and quite often something to ponder. How about you?

Take care.


Hi Carole...

Have a beautiful day...Cyber~prayers...Colleen

Today's Garfield reminded me and my wife so much of my Mom's now deceased cat - had us howling! Pearls before swine also has us laughing spontaniously today!!

I'm reading them in Swedish...lol

I miss the comics from the Sunday paper...

very good.